It’s Official: Reebok Drops Lacrosse, Other Team Sports

Reebok Shuts Down Lacrosse Equipment Business

We’ve been hearing whispers for a while now, and then we heard some not so quiet noise, and now we’ve confirmed it: Reebok is dropping team sports from their focus, and this means lacrosse at RBK is going the way of the dodo. In other words, Reebok is done with lacrosse.

This certainly opens up the NLL for sponsorship in a big way. Who will be the sponsor in 2014? Will there be multiple sponsors? Unknown at this time.

What we do know is that Reebok is focusing on CrossFit, because training on its own, is evidently a sport. Or at least a very good business.

See a copy of the template letter Reebok sent out to its retail partners below, which explains the move a bit more.

Reebok Shuts Down Lacrosse Equipment Business

For all the Canadians, Europeans, New Englanders, and Minnesotans out there, we have seen no mention of Reebok dropping hockey.


  1. nope. not mentioned. updated the post to say as much. Thanks for pointing that out. Does seem likely though at this point. They didn’t stay in the NFL and that is marketing gold. Will they stick with hockey? Very curious to see.

    • The NFL didn’t stick with Reebok because their contract ran out and Nike offered a much more lucrative deal. I believe if they wanted to they would keep in the NFL. I think they will stick with hockey, as of now they dominate the sport alongside Easton.

      • I figure the same thing. The NFL is a money printing machine, but what product is reebok selling that jumps out specifically for the NFL?
        Hockey makes sense, because it has a large user base and it’s product is easy to identify.
        Lacrosse is similar, except the user base isn’t nearly as large.