Jim Brown Special: Top 5 NFL Middies



In honor of The Greatest 2-Sport Athlete Of All Time, Mr. James Nathaniel Brown, we’re running through every position on the lacrosse field and giving you the best would-be laxers of the NFL. After all, lacrosse was his favorite sport.

First we had Top NFL Longpoles, then we had Attackmen. Now Middies. DB’s, WR’s, RB’s. Let’s get right into it…



A Pro-Bowler in his 2nd season, Darrelle Revis is one of the top young players in the NFL. Averaging 25 points per game in high school basketball and dominating on the football field, Revis would transfer to the lacrosse field seamlessly. Don’t believe me? Just watch “The Return.”



Mr. Smith is an animal. He gets after the ball like he’s goin for red meat. He tells it like it is. This 4-time Pro Bowler led in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns in 2005 – that there’s what they call a Triple Crown.



The President. That’s the way people treat him when he walks into a room. The glitz, the glamour, the rock hard abs, Reggie Bush is the physical specimen that would dominate the lacrosse field. With the field vision of the Dark Knight batmobile and the speed to match, couldn’t you see him rippin’ the duck too?



From DB to Wide Reciever, Devin Hester was is so athletic that Under Armour made a commercial about him, where he just goes about his daily business. Under Armour wants us to want to be Devin Hester. They call him “Anytime” and this is how good he is.



Who else would be #1? Peterson aka “All Day” aka “Purple Jesus” has been terrorizing the league since he set foot in Minnesota.  People have questioned his durability since his days as a Sooner (where he won the Jim Brown award in 2004)  but the man is a pure combination of blistering speed and violent collisions.    Plus, he dresses well.


Don’t worry we didn’t forget…on the defensive side of the midfield here is the guy we wouldn’t want to see lined up across a face off:


Any discussion of the scariest mamma jamma in the NFL includes a short list of players headlined by one Mr. James Harrison. As a brick sized 6’0 242, Harrison is a locomotive of a human being.  The current owner of the longest play in Super Bowl history, teammates call him “Silverback” and giving him a pole in addition to his natural skills just might be illegal in some states.



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  1. Here's some west coast love: Patrick Kearney (DE- Seahawks) had a lax scholarship at Virginia but quit after his freshman year so that he could play football for the Cavs as a walk-on.

    “Knowledge is power”- Sir Francis Bacon

  2. I like all these choices and some of the ones offered by readers. Gotta believe Chris Johnson from the Titans (via E.Carolina) could do damage in open field as a middy.

    I know this is for current players only, but here are some old-school NFLers who would be wicked middies: Barry Sanders; OJ Simpson; Gale Sayers; Walter Payton; and Deion Sanders. Bo Jackson at LSM.