Joe Cinosky’s Laker Pride

Joe Cinosky Mountain Lakes High School Lacrosse
High School story time, Right, Joe Cinosky?

Today Maverik Lacrosse released the 1st video in its new “Roots” video series by Maverik Films director Jay Jalbert . The video, titled “Laker Pride” follows Joe Cinosky around his hometown as he shares his experience of playing lacrosse for Mountain Lakes High School in New Jersey.

Joe Cinosky Mountain Lakes High School Lacrosse
Cino with the lift.

While many LAS Readers got to know Joe through his music preferences, this video shows another side of the former University of Maryland All-American. Here, you get to see where it all started – where a future 2x MLL Champion was born. Surprisingly enough, Joe Cinosky is really just like you and me. See for yourself:

Yes, Joe went on to be a New Jersey lacrosse legend. He’s a better lacrosse player than you or I will ever be, but think about this for a moment…

You have your favorite food joints at home just like Joe does, and there’s a special tradition on your team just their is on his. Your lacrosse dream, your pure dedication, started on a field just like Joe Cinosky’s. Maybe the scenery differed, but the feeling that you were home did not.

Joe Cinosky Mountain Lakes High School Lacrosse
Cinosky pushing the ball in transition.

The environments around us, the hard work we put in, and our dedication to our goals are all serious factors that determine who we become in the long run.

I point this out not to be sappy, but to show you that professional athletes don’t fall far from the tree. Pro or not, we all have people around us we’ll never forget; role models who helped us hone our skills so we could get to where we wanted to be.

“Coach Flynn played an influential role in my life both on and off the field,” said Cinosky. “He brought a great family atmosphere to our team, one which I hope to emulate with the players I coach. Ultimately, my goal is to coach college lacrosse at the Division I level and help grow the game of lacrosse throughout the Midwest.”

Likewise, we all have our own humble beginnings and our own defining moments. It’s our duty to leave our roots with a certain sense of pride – unmatchable by anyone else.

Joe Cinosky Maverik Lacrosse Mountain Lakes High School


  1. Hey Joe we need a Coach out at Adlai E. Stevenson Highschool in the beautiful northwest Chicago suburb of Lincolnshire, Illinois if you are at all interested. Outstanding academics, 4,500 students, big time overall sports programs with the strong support of the faculty and community….give it some thought. Started a program in the late 90s and has since sent 9 players to d1 programs. its just waiting for a dedicated, driven, passionate coach to turn it into a perenial powerhouse. Talk about growing the game!

    • Also…very close proximity to Depaul, Northwestern, and the University of Wisconsin…all three of which are very likely candidates for division one teams within the next 10 years….okay, maybe not wisconsin!