Joenandez’s 2009 Mixtape


Owl City Beach

Our pal Joenandez hooked us up with this little mixtape of all his favorite songs from 2009. A lot of the stuff is fresh – good beats and a positive feel. Thought y’all would enjoy it.

We’ll have another 2009 music post with submissions from readers later this week.
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Track list:

1. “Designer Skyline” Owl City

2. “Imma Be Black” Eyed Peas

3. “Even Now” Dashboard Confessional

4. “That Girl’s A Trick” This Providence

5. “Replay” Iyaz

6. “All I Wanted” Paramore

7. “Squeaky Wheels And White Lights” This Providence

8. “Empire State Of Mind” Jay-z

9. “(If Your Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” Weezer

10. “Fuzzy Blue Lights” Owl City

11. “All We” Worth Dying For

12. “Summer of ’98” The Secret Handshake

13. “Somebody To Talk To” This Providence

14. “The Only Exception” Paramore

15. “Until Morning” Dashboard Confessional

16. “Fireflies” Owl City

17. “Whatcha Say” Jason Derulo

18. “Sweetest Girl” Wyclef Jean

19. “Hello Seattle (Remix)” Owl City

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Joe Fernandez
Joenandez is a technology geek by trade and a lacrosse nut at heart. With a passion for social technologies, Joenandez hopes to support the growth of Lacrosse in new and innovative ways. Hey, who ever sad Lacrosse, Technology and the Social Web don’t go together? Joenandez played lacrosse through High School, College and continues to play on a variety of Men’s Club and Tournament teams in the Pacific Northwest.