UPDATED: Johnny Christmas Teaches The Canadian Toe Drag/Duck Under!

11 - Published January 18, 2011 by in National Lacrosse League, Pro Lacrosse, Training

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Johnny, Johnny Christmas, King of the Canadian Toe Drag... sing with me!

The Canadian Toe Drag, or as Teddy Jenner calls it, the Duck Under

A great move to be sure.  It is very similar to the face dodge except it’s Canadian.  Or at least it comes from the box lacrosse world.  And the set up is a little different, but the situational usage is often the same.  Can’t we just call it the Low Face Dodge?  No?  Because the Canadian Toe Drag or Duck Under both sound better.  Ok, I’m simple like that.  Johnny Christmas isn’t and he explains the slight differences.  Still pretty much a face dodge to me, it just has a LOT more dangle!  Sweet move either way!

Update:  I got an email from my uncle and he filled me in further on where the Canadian Toe Drag name (which I may have just made up) could originate from:

“it’s appropriate that it’s called the Canadian toe drag also because the toe drag is a classic hockey stick handling move, where you extend the stick and puck out away from your body, entice the D to step towards it, as you pull it back and in, avoiding their stick and swooping by them in the process! I’ve made a career of this move (a bad career, but a career nonetheless)”

Thanks Dennis!  I love family.  Without them, I’d be even more ignorant!

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