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  • Gutted! Wish he’d stayed put! Literally the only thing standing in the way of the New Balance machine that’s taking over lax! 

  • Saw this comeing a mile away with the custom gloves and the warrior arm pads at the begining of the season

  • Meh…is this really that huge of a deal? I guess more kids will buy Warrior, but seeing as how Warrior/Brine is already a huge share of the market, is it really that big of a change?  It might just be that I am pretty much set for gear for a while so I don’t pay attention to new gear, but it doesn’t seem like a groundbreaking move

  • This really isn’t news, but it just adds strength to the equipment/apparel monopoly that is the MLL.  Makes me want Nike to go full force with the LXMPRO….  because no one survives a war against Nike.  That and with Nike and STX working together on certain things, you know it would at least open up the equipment bag to two manufacturers…

    Rabes is SICK… but damn I wish he would have stayed with Maverik.

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