UPDATED: Lacrosse In Las Vegas 2012: LIVE Updates!

laxAllstars team photo
A very nice LAS team photo.

We’ll be updating you as the information comes in from the Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase all weekend long. We’ve got a great team of guys out on the Strip, and we’re pumped to take in all the lacrosse action going down in person today and tomorrow.

Krieg picked up a sweet Kia for the weekend.

Team LAS went undefeated on Friday night with one win in the Masters division (over Team Colorado) and another in the Elite division (over Shooterz Lacrosse). According to guys on the ground in Vegas, the team has a much different feel from last year. It’s an older group and there is already a nice team vibe going!

Who’s that? The clock should be a dead giveaway!

We’re looking forward to hearing how Saturday’s games go, and will keep you all updated as the days progress.

Here are some more photos from our time in Vegas, with more to come over the next two days!

Brian Silcott gear hook up via NFL agent, Peter Schaffer, and Gait/Debeer product guru, Randy Fraser.
Anthony Kelly caught Jamie Foxx DJing in Vegas. Not too shabby!

The above was captured by A-Train at Tao Las Vegas, and Warren Sapp was at the table next to them. Should they recruit Sapp to come out and play some close defense? He can be our slide guy.

Krieg makes friends with the Vegas locals.

The following photos came in on Saturday from Jonny B, and they are all classic!

The King is in town, of course.
At least the sneakers are off.
vegas sweatshirt tuck
Just might be the best outfit ever.

Krieg sent in a photo of Sawtooth just after they scored on The Tribe in U-19 action.

And the scenery ain’t too bad. Bonus.

And Krieg delivers with the men’s Elite: Salt Shakerz Vs. South Bay…

Yes, the numbers are really that bright.
Told you.

Then a little LAS pre-game Vs. South Bay…

Randy Fraser (left) and Josh Amidon ready to roll.

And a crazy shot from right after our Master’s team won 15-1 over Monctezuma’s Revenge.

Digital cameras hate the sun. Great shot though!

We also got this submission from Anthony Kelly, and it has us scratching our heads.

It was a perfectly good Dodge mini-van…

It is Van #1… that much has to be true.

A little post game shot…

Krieg also suffered a pretty nasty gash on the old knee, but that didn’t stop LAS from making it to the semifinal round with an 8-4 win in the Men’s Elite division.

Get cleaned up, Shaw!

And David Ogle sent us a little eye candy:

So supple.
When in doubt, sleep on the field.
Salt Shakerz up 5-2 on Xiphos on the Finals.
laxAllstars team photo
A very nice LAS team photo.
LAS did take home the Master’s Championship! Old men can ball!