Lacrosse Player Goes Crazy: Classic Slash, Chase And Tackle


Lacrosse is a tough game and to be a great player, you simply have to be able to take it just as well as you can dish it out. This isn’t always the case, especially at younger levels and with less experienced players, and sometimes the tough play inherent to the game can just become too much… and people absolutely lose it.

The classic video below is a great example of that very thing happening:

The first time we watched the above video, we were sure that the kid in orange was going to be the crazy lacrosse player.  He does deliver a nice little chop check to start things off. But oh no… how wrong we were! It turns out, we, and the guy in orange, had no idea as to what was about to go down.

Don’t get us wrong, the player in blue takes a solid slash to the abdomen. But doesn’t a return slash to the orange player’s head kind of equal that out? Apparently the retaliation slash evened things out a bit, as the player in blue ditched his stick, but it’s clear this wasn’t “over”, in any way, shape or form.

Drop the stick, chase after the original offender, and then attempt to blow out his ACL with a horse collar form tackle. Makes total sense.

Some people will say the video is funny, others will use it as evidence that lacrosse is a dangerous or violent sport. We’re posting it because we want parents and coaches to see how easy it is for things to get out of control, and how it can happen quickly when dealing with younger players… Also the video is 6 years old, so it has to be at least kind of funny by now, right?

Props to the ref for throwing the flag and getting in there right away!