Lacrosse Revolution: The Power of ONE


Lacrosse Revolution: The Power of ONEI live and die by the Power of 3… 3 powerpoint slides, 3 bullets, 3 main points, 3 business implications. I learned this early in my young career, have stuck by it and it’s served me well. But in the hyper fast-paced world of the social web, where websites and realtime updates and RSS feeds compete for your attention, I’m beginning to realize that 3 can be too much…

What’s the one thing your idea / service / product / website does better than everything else? What drives the most traffic and interest? What are you the most passionate about exploring? Here at LAS – it’s all about Lacrosse. Some of our most traffic’d articles are thought pieces on the game, it’s growth, it’s trials and tribulations. LAS isn’t trying to be a sports hub. It’s a lacrosse hub that’s staffed by passionate Lacrosse players. Lacrosse writing is our ONE thing.

Flip video camcorderIn the product world, some of the more successful and interesting gadgets live and die by the power of one. Look no further than the Flip video camcorder. It has a button, a screen and a USB connector. They just got bought by Cisco, because they want to reap the benefit of their one thing. In the web world, Twitter and Pandora come to mind. No need to discuss how well those two services are doing right now.

Then there is Myspace, who has been putting more emphasis on the one thing they do well. Clinging to memories past hasn’t served them well in the present.


The reason I write this today, is because I’ve been inspired by the Lacrosse community that I’ve been able to connect with these past few months being involved with LAS. I’m surrounded by bright people with innovative, big ideas on their minds. I expect big things to happen within this community that will change the way we consume and participate with the game. I’ll be open and tell you how I want to help. I want to connect casual fans to the game unobtrusively, so they don’t have to take time out of their busy day to do it.

There are many ways I can do this… some complicated, some basic. But the more ideas I think to integrate, the more time it will take, the more confusing it might be, and the burden once again transfers to the user (us!). Knowing this, my mandate to all of you big thinkers out there is this: What’s the ONE thing you will do to grow awareness, help the casual fan, connect existing players in NEW ways? What is the one thing your most passionate about? What is your big idea? What is your Power of ONE?


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Joe Fernandez
Joenandez is a technology geek by trade and a lacrosse nut at heart. With a passion for social technologies, Joenandez hopes to support the growth of Lacrosse in new and innovative ways. Hey, who ever sad Lacrosse, Technology and the Social Web don’t go together? Joenandez played lacrosse through High School, College and continues to play on a variety of Men’s Club and Tournament teams in the Pacific Northwest.