Lacrosse Stick Dye and String Jobs


As the regular college season winds down here in the US and the playoffs loom, it always strikes me that the laxiest part of the year is almost over – but fear not! LAS has your back and will be bringing you a ton of sweet summer content. One of the many features (including elite summer tourney coverage and a photo expose on lacrosse in Perth, Australia) will be a stringing and dyeing feature or contest.


The details haven’t been worked out yet but just to wet your whistle here are some pictures of some of my recent stringing attempts and a “raspberry beret” dye job on a Gait Triton.

You can also check out the new neon Maverik Juice head I picked up from  I’m a fan!  One of the string jobs is called the “Shook Shakedown” and was invented by Brendan Shook, a legendary defender at Hopkins.  The other is a super wide traditional I came up with myself although I’m sure it has already been done.

To learn the shook shakedown (a great string job, btw) click here.

So, in preparation for the summer, start thinking about stringing and dyeing.  This is more of a hobby for me so I’m sure there are some players out there who can put what I’ve done to shame and I can’t wait to see it!

Good luck to all the teams out there in the upcoming playoffs!