Lacrosse Sticks On Airplanes Once Again OK


I flew to Australia in July of 2001, and remember bringing my brand new stick with me on the Delta flight from Boston to Los Angeles. When I got to LA, the flight attendants on my Cathay Pacific flight forced me to gate check my stick, as they clearly had no idea what it was. Security had no problem with me bringing it through.

Flash forward to December of 2001, when I returned from Down Under, and the world was a different place. 9-11 had occurred only two months earlier, and the thought of bringing my stick onto a plane with me was absolutely out of the question. The change was not a big surprise.

Now, a little over twelve years later, lacrosse sticks will once again be allowed as carry-on items, so you can once again bring your wand with you now when you fly.

While I think we can all rejoice at the prospect of less travel hassle when it comes to lacrosse sticks, there is something else that sticks out to me in this Reuters title, and that is the fact that the TSA is once again allowing people to carry small knives onto planes.

Um… Excuse me, isn’t that exactly what happened on 9-11? Maybe I’m missing something here in all the lacrosse excitement, but is this really the best idea?

I guess the best way to keep yourself safe is to bring your stick with you on planes now, sit near the front, and if any crazies with knives get up, you take ’em down with your lacrosse stick.

Seriously, how long until we see something like that happen?

How do YOU feel about this news? Excited for more freedom? Concerned over people carrying knives? It’s a difficult issue. We’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on it…


  1. Good for the times you are going somewhere with one short stick assuming there is room in the overhead compartment (which is not a given these days).  Doesn’t help teams or if you are traveling with multiple sticks.  No way 100 sticks are fitting in the overhead compartments.  Will piss off the flight attendants and other passengers too.  

    Knives back on planes?  Smart.  No chance that will end well.

  2. Time to write a new article, the TSA reversed their decision today after much opposition from Congress and the airline industry.

    This is getting ridiculous. I’ve been looking for an article on this. Could you link me @ekeown?

  3. This is getting ridiculous. I’ve been looking for an article on this. Could you link me @ekeown?

    @Rydensaur, here is the official listing that shows a lacrosse stick a a prohibited carry on, straight from TSA’s website:

    Here is an article on the reversal as well:

    You’ll notice that the focus is on small knives, but the ruling that was going to allow knives is also the ruling that was going to allow sporting equipment, like a lacrosse stick. So, when they decided not to allow knives, they also decided to not allow lacrosse sticks.

  4. Thanks! It’s good to see that ice skates can still be brought onto a plane. Because those aren’t dangerous or sharp (heavy sarcasm). I wonder how specific TSA would get on this. Would they let me walk through security with just a head? Or maybe just a shaft? Or what about both if they were separate parts? I would love to get some specifics on clarification from TSA just to be nosy, obnoxious, and well informed.

  5. The way that I look at it, is pack our heads in our carryon and shafts in our checked bags. All in all, a shaft may be more expensive to replace, but no one wants to lose their perfectly broken in pocket. TSA should realize, no one is going to take over a plane with a lax stick, but could provide some good defense against someone else with the wrong ideas aboard our plane.

  6. i’m hoping that they change this before december. i plan on taking my stick to texas one way or another. worst comes to worst, i’ll take it apart and stick the head in my carry-on and the shaft in my bag. I wouldn’t trust my head with the airlines the way they just toss around peoples bags.

  7. That is pretty crazy. When I travelled to the states the shaft did fit perfectly in my suitcase, I took two and arrange them in a X a cross the case. The heads when in my hand luggage to play with during the flight.