Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Highlights: Woozles vs. Big Blue

Joe Eck Woozles lacrosse cradel big blue
Joe Eck has dangle. A natural for the transition to box.

You want more Woozles?  Well, you got it!  We’ve got highlights from the Woozles final game at the 2011 Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.  We played Big Blue, which is made up of current and alumni Sonoma State players, and some other guys. It was a good game, but as had been the case for most of the weekend, the Wooz would not be denied.  We went hard off the field, and went hard on the field.  A true champion’s story, even without the hardware.

For full Woozles – Big Blue photos, make sure to check out our Facebook page in the coming days.  For now, enjoy the video and the wonderful stylings of the Jim Carrol Band.  A little NYC flavor on these West Coast highlights.

Sweet moves, Joe Eck!

Joe Eck Woozles lacrosse cradel big blue
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