LAS 10K Facebook Challenge Videos AND WINNER!

Click this photo to watch the WINNING video!

When the Lax All Stars Facebook page hit the 10,000 fan mark, we just had to do a giveaway. We really wanted to go the extra mile with the prize, so the contest simply HAD to measure up. Well, we asked for a video, and man did our readers deliver!!!!

The 10K Challenge Winner receives our LAST PAIR of LAS Rocket Pops by Maverik Lacrosse!

We got FIVE great entries, but unfortunately two of them were a little late. So, what we’re going to do is this: We’ve chosen a winner from the 3 that were on time, but we’re also adding a little bonus for the other guys! We’re letting LAS Readers vote on their favorite video, and whichever one has the most votes by this Sunday will win a signature LAS Prize Pack.

The Reader’s Choice LAS Prize Pack consists of two different pairs of socks, t-shirt swag, stickers, and maybe even a head! Or a pair of gloves. WHO KNOWS?!?!?! All we know is that it will be awesome. See? This is why when we have contests, you need to enter. The prizes are always big!

Now on to the VIDEO ENTRIES!!!!

Ryan Harnisch almost makes two videos in one with his effort.  He shows us just what LAS is doing for the game!  Pretty big bonus that he’s wearing Woozles shorts and an LAS Slouch by Rollic!  Never hurts.

Brian Archer has us 10000% confused with his entry.  How did he do that???  No, seriously, how did he do that?  Our money is on Brian having gone to magic camp.  It’s the only explanation.  OR IS IT???

Luke Talman‘s entry really sums up how so many of us came to love this game.  Stupid baseball gloves.  The true love for lax can be seen clearly in the gift receiver’s face.  A special moment.

Click this photo to watch the video!

David Cooney went with a literal AND artistic interpretation of the challenge.  Grow the Game indeed!  Maybe we’ll try to air this one at the Final Four once we get BIG to get the message out.  Simple yet effective!

Dylan Wineberg‘s entry is a bit of a head scratcher… until you get to the end!  Oh, NOW I get it!  More LAS swag in the house, some T-Pain (maybe? We don’t listen to that stuff! We’re kinda old!) and WALL BALL!  We always love wall ball!

But in the end, there can be only one LAS Rocket Pops winner, and that person is…


Click this photo to watch the WINNING video!

It really was a tough decision, and we were almost tempted to break the rules and go with Brian Archer’s magic trick, but that just wouldn’t have been fair!  Great videos guys!  We’ll be sure to do more contests like this in the future – and just so you’re sure not to miss out, LIKE us on Facebook!  Duh.

Now hit up the poll below for the READERS CHOICE AWARD and give these guys another shot at winning some sweet, sweet LAS goodies! The video with the most votes by Sunday, May 22nd at 12pm ET, wins an LAS Prize Pack!


  1.  I think that each contestant deserves a prize-pack for participating and being devout LASers. That would make everyone happy, wouldn’t it? Maybe you could do something like have one option (for everyone to win) and fi we get that option a certain amount of votes everyone gets one. That would be SICK. I think everyone would love LAS (who doesn’t?)

  2.  Someone needs to do something about this! There is just no way that someone with only 432 friends on Facebook (Dylan) get 629 votes without cheating. I don’t care if it was passed around the office or something. There’s just no way. And about Ryan…..his is even more unlikely. He couldn’t possibly get that many votes. No one can, period.