LAS Exclusive: The Mr. BS Report Podcast


This week we have a special 2-part podcast:
Part I
– Mr. BS, Striding Man, and Jumbo Jack give thoughts on rivalry games and “ONE thing”. Also, Jumbo tells his lacrosse journey and gives some great advice for choosing a school.
Part II (starts at 18:22) – GMODT joins in to riff on sports and inspirational movies. Also: how lacrosse is portrayed in film and his pitch for a lacrosse movie.

Can’t listen now? Take “The Mr BS Report” with you! Download the podcast HERE & throw it on your iPod.

Rocky 4 driving scene

“The inches we need are everywhere around us…”

Slow clap!


  1. Has there been any updates for 2012? I’m a freshman at UNI from chicago and after playing for 7 years its come to a halt so if you know anyone that would help to start a club at least could you please contact me. – Anthony DiFronzo