Late Night, Can’t Sleep, Drop The World

Epik High

What do you do when you can’t sleep? I got 2 things: listen and write.

Everything about tonight pointed towards sleeping well: late night holiday party/bar crawl last night and an early morning today, relaxing evening with the gf, and the anticipation+excitement around boarding a 747 tomorrow at LaGuardia and heading home for the holidays.

But who am I kidding… it happens a lot. This is what running a lacrosse website DOES to you. The only thing that’s going to cure it is more GMODT.

Since he’s not here to share his musical tastes on this wonderful Friday morning at 2AM, I’ve got us covered. I think…

This is what they call Hop Pop Hop…

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Next: Weezy, lyrical genius. KH tweeted about this a couple hours ago. A good reminder for me, as this is the song I crushed work to all day on Wednesday.


Lil Wayne – Drop The World (Feat. Eminem)

In the words of The Music Ninja, “both rappers get real, no auto tune, no bullshit.” Cop it here.

And finally, never have I ever heard a better rendition of this song.

Explanation here.

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