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Lax Hacks: Saving Your Butt

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This simple Lax Hack will keep your shaft from “cookie cuttering” your rubber end cap. Personally I don’t use rubber butt ends anymore but I used to use this trick to keep my shafts from ripping apart the rubber and exposing the metal.

Not only is an uncovered butt end dangerous but it’s also illegal and you’ll be putting your team at risk for an unnecessary penalty.

Illegal and dangerous

Illegal and dangerous

This Lax Hack is gonna cost you all of about 25¢ to pull off.  All you need to keep your shaft from tearing through your rubber butt end is a quarter.

All you need

All you need

Simply place the quarter inside your end cap and ensure that it’s seated flush.  Then slip it back on your shaft and the quarter will keep the edges of the shaft from punching through the rubber.

Super simple fix

Super simple fix

Hopefully this super simple Lax Hack will come in handy for a number of you!

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