Lax Link-O-Rama!



Every Saturday LAS is going to hit you up with the hottest lax link action all in one place.  This is the biggest, best and most interesting assortment of laxxxiness found anywhere on the internet/planet/universe/multiverse (DC Comics fans know what I’m talking about in regards to the last one!).

Down to biznass! Division 1 fall ball is in full swing with big fall play days coming up and teams starting to find their rhythm.  Army is in full swing and hosted a couple other D 1 teams.  Cornell also has its fall program going strong and lax’d it up with Penn State and Bucknell.  To see all the photos you can just go here.

There is also a HUGE annual game between Div 1 VMI and Div 3 Washington & Lee.  The schools are right down the road from one another and have been playing each other for a long time.  It is a classic game, where W&L usually wins… what happened this year? check it out here.

IL also has Gtown news and updates… can the Hoyas make 2010 their year?  2009 was definitely a disappointment.  Bill Harkins down at MCLA FSU gives a lot of insight into his program in this post.

Towson has a new Associate Head Coach in Nadelen.  Lafayette has beefed up their staff with an assistant addition.  Last year’s D3 runner-up, Gettysburg is also introducing a new assistant coach by way of Ithaca and Cortland.  Kid has pedigree but there are still some doubters out there on the forums.

No lax links post would be complete without a mention of Tierney and Denver so here is our big news this week: Denver has a tough schedule.

We briefly head over to the indoor game and see that Australian legend, Gordon Purdie, has some cool insight into his NLL career.  He didn’t even know he was drafted when he got picked up… ah, the good old pre-internet days!

I hate to see someone gain press just because they got injured but I found this one pretty interesting because the kid not only plays some really solid boxla, he also plays collegiate football… in CANADA!

Now here are the posts you really want… it is not just news, but includes video, blogging, custom gear and twittering/tweeting/twatting.

Custom Maverik gear preview software? check.

Custom helmets the likes of which you couldn’t imagine before this? check.

Highlight video from 2009 NCAAs? check. And make sure to watch for Billy Bitter’s goal around the 1:45 mark… it is REdonkulous.

Sweet blog with some old school perspective on lax?  You know this!

You want some more video?  Check out Reebok’s new site.  Sidenote: Matt Alrich is a MEATSTICK, but he is also quite funny.

Think MJ and Larry Legend played a good game of nothing but net?  Try nothing but Duck and be amazed by how almost real they make it look!

I don’t have a specific link to point to exactly what I’m talking about but…

What the heck happened to
I remember when the site was awesome.  Now it is just a random post on stringing (rarely a good feature anymore) and a lot of  “forum” talk about selling really cheap cameras.  It is now like a glorified craigslist with a lax photo here and there.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen…

And finally, give this a play a look see (thanks to our boys at for the video):

Let the bodies hit the floor.