Updated! LaxAllStars.com March Madness Challenge

LaxAllStars.com March Madness Challenge

LaxAllStars.com March Madness Challenge

Updated! Time to announce the winners! Thanks everyone who joined the LAS pool and filled out a bracket, we had 127 entries in our group. Unfortunately though, there can only be one winner. These are our winners for the 2012 LaxAllStars.com March Madness Challenge.

1. PopBru12

2. Drofdarb

3. Zack_7

Congrats fellas! Make sure to shoot us an email with your address in it so we can hook you up with your prize. Until next year!

Just because we’re lax junkies doesn’t mean we don’t follow other sports too. In fact, we love ALL sports! This time of the year, you can find most of the LAS team staying current on NCAA Basketball as the brackets are finalized and teams get their invites to the Big Dance.

This year we wanted to give all of our supporters a chance to score some SWEET lax prices while following NCAA March Madness.


The process is simple, head on over to ESPN.com and join our LaxAllStars Tournament Challenge Group. Our group name is LaxAllStars, pretty simple right? Create an entry in the group, fill out your bracket, and then sit back and watch the action unfold! When the NCAA Basketball champion is crowned, we will award our own champion.

Check out the prizes below...

1st Place – Lax All Stars America Shaft & GTG Laces/Shooters for your team!

2nd Place – Limited Edition LAS Hoody

3rd Place – A Lax All Stars Tee of your choice

Join our LaxAllStars Tournament Challenge Group now and get in on the action!


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          • My pool has upset bonus points. These were pretty feasible upsets when I picked them. Georgetown has the best D and Half Court, low tempo offense when the Princeton is run effectively. Michigan St and Kentucky were one seeds so those picks made sense. FSU was really hot at the time so that pick made sense too. Cuse is really undisciplined and were basically the worst rebounding team in the tournament and the loss of Fab Melo wouldn’t of helped. Ohio State didn’t seem to be playing all that well at the time losing convincingly in the Big 10 Title game. My picks logic made sense. Its also reasonable to think that at least one one seed wont make it to the final four.  

          • Whatever, at this point arguing you is just a waste of time. March Madness was over like a month ago. HOYA SAXA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

          • Don’t even say that! me arguing with a rookie on this topic, like yourself, is a waste of time