Photo Of The Week!


Each week we’re looking for a superb lacrosse photo from one of our readers. If your photo is selected as Photo Of The Week, you win something awesome from LAS!

This week we’re featuring some men’s club action from the Jam By The Sea out in California!  Twisted Steel takes on The Salt Shakerz, and it’s clear that this game was totally awesome. We’re sure we’ll get a FULL tournament recap from the SSZ in the coming days, but for now feast your eyes on a little goalie-on-goalie action:

goalie goal lacrosse jam by the sea

goalie goal lacrosse jam by the sea

goalie goal lacrosse jam by the sea

Jon Namer (who can be seen in the background in the pink helmet) and Josh Rottman tipped us off to these unreal photos, but the camera work was done by Alex Ming Shen.  We don’t know if this was a goal or save, but either way, it was sweet.  And just look at the bag on that goalie stick in the first photo!  Unreal…

(Editor’s note: AMS – you just won yourself a pair of GTG LacesEmail us your mailing address and we’ll get those right out to you!)

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