LaxAllStars Takes On Vegas, Baby

Vegas baby, Vegas!
Vegas baby, Vegas!

The first ever sports blogger and new media conference was held right in our hometown of New York City.  Pretty easy commute for your LAS Founders since one of us works right across the street from the bar where Blogs With Balls 1.0 was held. (We’ve been known to have Mad Men style lunch “meetings” there from time to time.

Nevertheless, BWB 1.0 was wildly successful as basement dwelling blogger conferences go.  Peter King’s video hologram image welcomed everyone and Guinness was had by all. Read our recaps here and here.

The second coming of Blogs With Balls is going on today and tomorrow (10/15 and 10/16) in Las Vegas and LAS Co-Founder Jeff Brunelle (@jpbrunelle for all our tweeps) is wandering the hallways looking for old ladies to play slots with as well as rubbing elbows with the blogging “elite”.  Meanwhile, I’m stuck here manning the LaxAllStars mothership at The Villa.  Life isn’t fair, I know.  (I’m looking to organize illegal cockroach races in the office to get in on the action. $25 entry fee and no PEDs allowed)

If you are interested in buying Jeff a drink or learning more about the LaxAllStars network then hit us up at I’ll be sure he gets your message…Or I’ll respond with the latest start times for my cocky races.

Now excuse me while I make Gretzky’s head bleed.