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LaxAllStars Video Exclusive: For the Love of the Game

The MCLA has experienced a large amount of success over the last few seasons.  From its appearances on CSTV to the creation of its own magazine, the “virtual-varsity” league has established itself as a legitimate option for lacrosse players coming out of high school.

But what about the teams that aren’t finding their way into any magazines? 

What about the guys who are still doing what all MCLA teams used to do: Barely collecting enough money to pay their league dues, driving individual cars to away games and sleeping five to a room in dive motels when they get there.  What makes these guys tick? 

I recently went to Caldwell, Idaho to see how the College of Idaho Yotes have used their love of the game as the primary means to overcome the obstacles many new programs face.

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  • Great to see the love in the game that the College of Idaho has for the sport. Isn’t that why we play the game. Go Yotes!

  • That was awesome. I love seeing the MCLA getting press in some way, shape, or form. Can’t wait to see more.

  • I have watched D-1 lacrosse, and the College of Idaho players exhibit more heart and love of the game than any larger program. Go Yotes!

  • Explosions in the Sky was made for grainy sports footage. Now if only it were in black and white with a few slow-mo shots…

    I hope you guys can do a follow up on the yotes. amazing stuff.

  • We played the Yotes earlier in the season and these guys are a class act. Colin Burke is a force in the cage. Wish them nothing but the best, thanks for staying classy guys….

  • EITS, we posted that video a while back. It’s a good one. Still think the Yotes are a prime example of true love for the game. I think we can all agree that Rusty did a helluva job with this video. Thanks for checking out the site and for the comment.

  • Just watched it again for probably the 3rd time and still loving every second… how about that nasty yard sale check at 3:10 in the video. SICK!

  • The Tufts video is amazing for sure. Someone put a lot of hard work in to that, and I could watch it a thousand times without getting sick of it.

    The message of this video was meant to be different however. The ‘Yotes were simply an example of what many small club programs across the country have to go through: No recruiting budget, no full time head coach, no access to fancy equipment, etc. While Tufts was showcasing what made their program special, I was trying to illustrate the dedication that lacrosse players on non-traditional teams have, a dedication that unfortunately goes unrecognized by many.

    Thanks for pointing others in the direction of that video though. Every lacrosse player I know would thoroughly enjoy it.

  • Jeff Bull the main player being interviewed coached at a lacrosse camp I went to. Great guy and a great player. He made sure everybody young, old, experianced and inexperianced was having fun and learning lots. I hope Yotes only gain experiance and momentum from here.

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