Learning About Double Ball With Ten Sticks Lacrosse


Alex Alviar and the guys at Ten Sticks Lacrosse out in Montana celebrate a lot more about lacrosse than just the modern iteration of the game. For Alex and his students, learning about the sport’s past, and how it ties into a larger cultural identity is also key.

In order to better understand one of local native stick and ball games, called Double Ball, Alex and some of his players head into the mountains to look for the proper trees from which to make sticks.

It’s a short video on the longer journey of understanding and history, and we’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as this group learns more about the history of the sport in their region. I plan on learning a thing or two as well!

For more on Double Ball, check out this brief article in the Billings Gazette, and this more in-depth article on the Valley Journal.