License To Still: 503 Lax Weekend

503 Lax weekend

Editor’s note: Our good friend Nate Broshot over at published a great post on his blog yesterday. So quality (both the text and the epic photos), that we had to ask to republish the whole thing here. Check it out below. Thanks Broshot!

We are the latest and best-looking addition to the PNLA, 503 Lax.  Those of you who follow my blog closely know that I play lacrosse and while in Mexico, missed it a lot.

The weekend carried a lot of Lax-Party promise, when we traveled to Seattle for our inaugural games against the Crease Monkeys and Victoria Lacrosse Club.

The three B’s to a successful lax party were present not only pre-game and post-game, but also in the time between pre-game and post-game, what’s it called?

Bros, babes, and beer.

Really, my buddy Josh (above) started the team this year so a few old college teammates and high-school and college rivals, the best that Portland’s native sons had to offer, could get together a couple times a month, beat opponents with titanium and tempered plastic, and continue the party off the field and into the night.

Spitfire in Belltown was a gracious host for our festivities that evening, and although tempers briefly flared when some Victoria LC players crashed it, only one of them had to be forcibly removed by the bouncers for what was deemed a ten-hour unreleasable man-down penalty.

¡Buenas Noches Canada and Viven los 503 Lax!

I’ve been going a different direction with the lax photography than what a traditional sports journalist might shoot; emphasizing my own undefined aesthetic standards in my edit.

And in case you’re wondering why I’m shooting: 503 Lax has two goalies and we split halves.  I play one, and get to shoot the other.

Since my repeated shoulder injuries, mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been wearing the Sully Shoulder Stabilizer, a sort of bionic arm slash shoulder restraint preventing my oh-so-fun anterior dislocations.

To visualize this thing, just imagine if God and the Virgin Mary of Neoprene conceived a child while watching The Six Million Dollar Man, then named their bless-ed child Sully.

It’s amazing.  I get to play lax again.

The next five photos are from Kavu’s game (a Seattle area club) against Victoria LC:

Kavu goalie, Seattleite, and UO lacrosse Alumn, Paul Swanson.

503 Laxers

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