Live Coverage From The Big City Classic


Welp, today is the day! BIG CITY CLASSIC time. We’re on-site here at New Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey, and we’ve got a great set of games to cover.

Check below for lives tweets from the event throughout the day. Want in on the action? Include @BigCityClassic OR use hashtag #BCC10 in your tweets on Twitter.


As seen in this week’s Crystal Ball Challenge, here are our predictions for game 2 & 3:

Connor Wilson:

#1 UVA vs. #2 UNC – HUGE game! Difference maker will be the midfield units. If Delaney is back (he should be) then UVA gets the one goal edge. If SD is out? UVA by 3+.

#4 Princeton vs #3 Cuse – another big one. Princeton has looked up and down but has kept winning. Cuse has just looked good all year, even in their one loss. Cuse by 2.

Ryan Craven:

UNC +1: Time for a changing of the guard and I thing that UVA doesnt have as deep a bench as the Tar Heels

Cuse + 3: No contest here. Cuse is going to roll. Princeton has a helluva keeper and great individual players but Syracuse plays like a team on a mission.

Jeff Brunelle:

UVA +1: Like I said last week, UVA is the most solid team in college lacrosse right now. UNC is their best matchup. This game is going to go down to the wire.

Cuse +2: I haven’t seen Princeton play yet. That being said…


Full recap and many photos to follow.