Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week


shark-week06It’s the most wonderful time of the year for everyone who wasn’t traumatized by Jaws enough the first time around. It’s Shark Week on Discovery Channel! Not to be confused with Jump The Shark Week which actually happens every Sunday right around the time new Entourage episodes air (Turtle is going to UCLA? This is a plot point? Really?)

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Shark Week is the time that we all are reminded why we’re afraid of deep water but never fear because now we have tutorials on how to make these loveable guys our friends.  If that doesn’t work you can also learn how to punch a shark in the face. Opposable thumbs are good for something!

(Note: the shark 101 links try to show you how to make friends with a shark but use a creepy guy dressed in a costume to “simulate” the real animal. Be on the lookout for an escapee from the closest furry convention because the creepy shark-guy looks a little TOO excited to meet you.)


When the light begins to change,
I sometimes feel a little strange,
A little anxious when its dark…