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Native American lacrosse player NYC
For the Love of the Game!

Editor’s Note: Muamer Razic tells us why he loves the game of lacrosse.  Then he asks you to tell US why you love the game.  If you do a good job, there may be a super awesome grab bag of swag in it for you!  We’re talking brand new head great swag levels here.  Read through and get to conversating!


On a LONG trip to Florida (of course I was rocking my LAS Summer swag), I started thinking about why I love the game so much. And then it dawned on me; there’s no single reason why I love the game of lacrosse.

Everything about our sport, and what it has to offer, intrigues me and makes me love it more and more. Whether it’s how easy it can be for almost anyone to be able to talk to, and learn from, some of the best players in our game, or simply how much fun one can have on that lacrosse field, it interests me.  It really does.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for a practice, a game, or laxing with a few friends, you know that you’ll have fun because you love the sport (hopefully).  I mean, you can’t compete with that.

Native American lacrosse player NYC
For the Love of the Game!

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I love sports, and am not trying to hate on any other sports, but I don’t think that any other sport can compare with lacrosse. I mean it’s the fastest growing game in the world and it continues to evolve. The gear is getting more high-tech, the players are getting better, and more companies/people are taking notice of that, and are getting involved in the growth of the game.

When I was on the beach in Florida I was teaching a friend of mine how to play lacrosse and I could see everyone watching us and even heard some people talking about lacrosse and what we were doing. Needless to say, I loved it!  But, that is not all that happened!!!

These two kids from Scotland were staying at the same resort, and they saw me carrying around my lacrosse stuff.  So, they started asking me about it and after hearing just about everything lacrosse (when I start talking about lacrosse it’s hard for me to stop!) they said they wished they could play lacrosse in Scotland.  Maybe I planted a seed!  Not only that, but I went to Universal Studios and saw a kid wearing a lacrosse shirt there.   Sometimes it’s the big things, sometimes it’s the little things.

It’s these little things that make me love the game more and more. Don’t get me wrong, playing the game is amazing, but if I couldn’t help Grow the Game, then it wouldn’t be the same.


I want to know why YOU love the game. Everyone has different reasons why they play/why they love it, so let’s hear yours!

(Editor‘s Note: Since this is SUCH a great question, and we really do want to hear what you have to say about WHY you Love the Game and want to see it grow, we’re going to give away a custom LAS Grab Bag. We don’t know what’s in the bag yet… it all depends on the number and quality of comments and conversation we get going. The better that is, the better the PRIZES will be. If it’s really good I can guarantee there will be a free head, some shorts, socks and a shooter! So get to it!)


  1. I love this game because of simply how much fun it is. I’ve played a ton of sports and this one is the funnest by far, and it has it’s OWN GOOD culture. I feel like everyone is missing out on it, so that’s why I want it to grow. Louisiana is gonna be a hotbed within the next 10 years.

  2. I love lacrosse for a ton of different reason. Lacrosse is one of the best way to bond a group of kids, a community, or a nation. I was just at a tournament in Baltimore (summer sizzle)
    And I was staying at a hotel where other lacrosse teams were staying. In the lobby kids from all different teams we talking about our favorite moves or take away check, or there favorite head/ shaft combo. Even though we could be playing against one another later that day, we all bonded over the idea of lacrosse. In my community, we started our lacrosse program in 1998, and this year my team won the e tire SEPYLA league. It grew our teams reputation as a great lacrosse program. Also, lacrosse builds character. Lacrosse taught me to listen to my coach, my teammates, and the officals. I learned that being able to listen and take in critism could help me devople character. The things I learned on the field will also help me in my work place when I get older.

  3. There is nothing greater in the sports world than knowing that 30 other people on a team have your back 100%, no matter what. And thats exactly what lacrosse offers. I love the game of lacrosse for so many reasons. Whether it be a practice or a game, I could never get sick of playing lacrosse or anything that comes with it. Nowhere else could I have so much fun running and being nailed with titanium rods. I love the game of lacrosse because it always brings out the best in me. When i’m playing, my true competetive nature comes out. I would give my mind, body, and soul to this game and knowing that so many other people would do the same is awesome. Let’s just say that if lacrosse ever got taken away from me, I would go Liam Neeson on them and get my baby (lacrosse) back. Oh yeah, and chicks dig the long pole. GTG

  4. Like Razic, there is not a single specific reason why I love lacrosse, there are many. From walking onto the field of play, which is still moist from the night before, to the beautiful sunsets one sees when at a late night practice. The aesthetics of lacrosse are beautiful. The true game I love because of the team bonding. Everyone contributes something, there are no loners out there who do it all (apart from the occasional wannabe all-star). The offense scores goals, midi’s run transition between offense and defense and are the soldier ants of the lacrosse field, doing it all. The defense is there to prevent goals, and the goalie is the last stand, which can save a team. The feeling I get when I touch my lacrosse stick, when I put on my pads, when I put on my helmet, is indescribable. There is nothing else in this world that makes me forgot all of my other problems, stresses and work. From the moment I step into the lockerroom to the moment I leave the fields after a game, the only thing that is on my mind is lacrosse. Practice makes perfect, and there is no other sport in the world for which I would do dry runs, walk the line, hit the wall and practice my saves as much as I do for lacrosse. Lacrosse makes problems go away, and that’s what we really need. Simply put: I love lacrosse, and without lacrosse life would be a whole lot harder. Lacrosse doesnt only teach you teamplay and doesnt only make you athletic, it makes you a richer person overall. 

  5. I love lacrosse because I get to meet new People across the nation and share what it’s like in their home town. My dad is in the military so I move around alot. I like to think that I spread the game in the areas I moved to. I got my friends to buy fiddle sticksand we would just have some fun. I also love lacrosse because you can express your self by the gear you get and the way you play. I have the stx duece and warrior platinum alloy. I like to be in control of the ball and be accurate of what I do. Lacrosse is also a culture. When I move to a new school I would find the lax bros and hang out with them. They were almost always nice. As a rule in the bro code “lax bros don’t hate”. Also lax is just so freaking fun to play!

  6. I love the game for many reasons. a small one is the amount of personal touches you can put into it. It starts with your stick, you can have a type or color of shaft you always use you could have a head that you dye so that it is truly one of a kind and also you can make your stringing specific to you. then when you get to pads and what you where and what you do in games there are personal aspects everywhere making you an individual on the field. Then, theres the community. Everybody who plays lacrosse knows about the bond and connection that lacrosse players have to anyone else that plays or is involved with the sport. Wherever you go if you find someone that plays or is interested you get a connection that is very unique to lacrosse as a sport. Also, there is of course the actual game. It’s fun it’s face paced, it’s unique to other sports while also being very similar to some other sports, and it’s the fastest growing sport. When you play lacrosse you feel like nothing can stop you and everything else just doesn’t matter. I love lacrosse and i think everyone else should also.

  7. Simply, I love lacrosse because it is fun. I could play it all day every day and still want more. I helped start the youth lacrosse league in my town and was part of the first varsity team at the high school. I try to grow the game as much as I can by helping out the little kids and telling as many people I can to play. Its the most fun sport to play, and awesome sport to watch and the lax lifestyle is just so chill

  8. Lacrosse, it’s what makes me tick. Ever since I can remember I’ve always carried a lacrosse stick around. I joined my first lacrosse team when I was in 2nd grade. throughout the season the kids on my lacrosse team became a part of my family. They were people I could trust, people I could always count on. This feeling of family transfered to every team I was on and even to teams that I wasn’t on. I am now good friends with people all over including rival schools all due to lacrosse. If it wasn’t for lacrosse, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Lacrosse has made me hardworking,determined, and proud. Lacrosse has shaped my personality and physique. Lacrosse has even helped me mentally. I have had plenty of family issues throughout my life, but most of all right now. The best way for me to forget about them is to lax, it’s a strange feeling. Once those cleats are on, my thoughts are all directed toward lacrosse and I am all buisness from there on out until the cleats come off. Along with lacrosse comes good memories, and bad memories. The good ones are always nice to think about, and the bad ones are worth remembering. I am currently a junior in high school, and when people ask me what I like to do, well the only answer I can say is lacrosse. I have tried many sports, hobbies, and activities and what I have found out is that nothing makes me happier than lacrosse. But why do I love lacrosse so much? Maybe its the adrenaline rush I get when I use all the strength I have left to score the winning goal. Maybe it’s the feeling of greatness I get when I step on the field. Maybe it’s because everyone on the team plays a crucial role, or maybe it’s all of these reasons. I live, sleep, and bleed lacrosse. I will never stop playing lacrosse no matter what. One day I will die on the field and rest peacefully knowing I played as much lacrosse as I physically could. I will carry my love for the sport beyond the grave. So for your question “why do I love lacrosse?” Well its simple really, Lacrosse is the only reason I get up in the morning. Like I said, Lacrosse is what makes me tick.

  9. If we’re talking about honesty, I’m 5’7″, and 185 lbs. In high school, I played lacrosse and football, and although I played varsity for football, it was always hard to compete against the bigger guys (I played d-line). The specialization that is required in football limited me to that position for 4 years, where  in lacrosse I had absolute freedom. In lacrosse, the potentials for anyone with any kind of body is limitless as long as you put work in. I put that work in. I moved from close d, to goalie, to middie, to lsm, back to close d, and even though I wasn’t the typical guy you’d want at D, my experience from all different positions helped me build on my defensive IQ. I worked with my stick skills, I learned checks that worked for me, and as I built knowledge, I was able to enhance the playing of those around me. It’s a game where learning continues past playing, I haven’t competitively played on a team for 2 years, but when I do play in leagues, and pick up, I can definitely tell you that I’m the best player I’ve been since I’ve started. It’s a game that requires every attribute from every other sport, endurance, toughness, speed, strength, skill, finesse, teamwork, and it brings it all together. It’s also a sport where you can see results faster than most, by doing things like wall ball, working the left hand, or other drills, you will better every rep, and you will see it. 
    The most satisfying thing about the game however, is how much you learn, and one often seems to learn mostly about themselves, and their strengths and weaknesses. And with the amount of time you spend with other laxers (spring, summer, winter, and sometimes fallball), you build a bond that is everlasting. You are able to build relationships with laxers on your team(s), around the nation, and even around the world (as you guys have done with Team Thailand), furthering your learning experience beyond the lacrosse field. It is a unifying sport, just like soccer. And like soccer, anyone can pick it up, anyone can play it, and anyone can excel at it, as long as you have the passion for it. 

    It’s the purest game out there, still played for the love of it by the pros, not watered down by the media or the money. It’s the game you can just go shooting with a couple of buddies, or play pick up on a Sunday afternoon. And of course, it’s the fastest game on two feet, everyone’s gatta love that; at least I know I do. GTG.

  10. Lax Allstars,

    I loved the recent post about the love for the
    game of lacrosse. I could not agree more with your comment, “there’s no
    single reason why I love the game of lacrosse.” The following is a
    little background about myself and my love for our great sport.

    I am form York Pennsylvania which now has a thriving lacrosse
    community from the young kids all the way up through high school level
    on both the girls and boys sides. This was not always so though… You
    see back in 1994 there were no youth lacrosse teams in the entire county
    until I was fortunate enough to find out about a group of like minded
    people trying to start up a team and that winter the York Lacrosse Club
    was born in a small rented out basketball gym to keep us out of the snow
    which was heavier than normal that year as I recall. I had no formal
    lacrosse experience nor knew anything about the game. What I did have
    was a lacrosse stick hand me down from my cousins that lived in
    Maryland. Heck my cousins didn’t even play but just being a Marylander
    all the kids had sticks and rigged up weird goals to play backyard ball
    with. I used to spend a few weeks each summer across the border with my
    cousins and just about every day ended with a backyard pass and shoot
    game until the sun went down. This was my first experience with the game
    and remembering how much fun I had on those hot summer days is what
    drove me to find myself in a cold gymnasium with 2 feet of snow outside.

    Fast forward six years to my senior year of high school and I have
    been team captain for the last 2 years become a full on lax junkie that
    plays in leagues year round and went to camps and clinics whenever I
    could. Much of the player I became though was do to my parents garage
    wall in our alley. I would stay up late working on my wall ball skills
    sometimes til midnight. The wall was a narrow strip of cinder blocks but
    they were laid with a lazy pyramid shaped pattern that never returned
    that ball the way I sent it in there. That wall was my savior. Bad day
    at school =wall ball, fight with the girlfriend =wall ball, bad game
    =wall ball, parents yelling at me =wall ball. Well I guess that wall
    helped a lot because I was scouted by 3 D1 schools but never offered
    anything but was told by 3 D3 schools that my lax skills could help me
    gain admission to their programs. You see I was a skinny guy back then
    and still am today at the age of 30 but even worse for a lacrosse
    player, I was a poor student. I am not ashamed to admit it. I did
    not enjoy my studies in the least and the only reason I wanted to go to
    college was to play lax and meet girls. These days I would be called a
    “lax bro”, but back then I was just a disappointment and if you did not
    go to college your lacrosse days were over with the exception of
    summerball. So realizing this and deciding that I really need to get my
    act together I made a rather tough and uncharacteristically move; I
    enlisted in the United States Navy. My plan was to do a 5 year
    enlistment while hopefully bulking up and at the end of it get out and
    go back to college on the Navy’s dime wiser, bigger, stronger, and ready
    to kick butt on a college lacrosse field. My how things can change…

    Fast forward 10 more years and I finally sign those discharge
    papers. You see my love for lacrosse did something I was not expecting:
    it made me a better warrior. This warrior mindset coupled with my love
    for my country which was always there, lead me to stay in longer than
    expected. The thought of leaving my friends, my teammates, my brothers
    to fight for my part while we had a war going on in 2 major fronts just
    was not fathomable. Lacrosse taught me that. Never quit, take
    initiative, encourage others, work harder than your opponent,
    communication, work together, these are all attributes that all lax bros
    and military guys embrace. While others learned this the hard way for
    the first time in bootcamp, I have already been this for years on the
    lacrosse field before I ever set foot on a battlefield. Simply put, “The
    Little Brother of War” as the southern tribes called the game of
    lacrosse is still being used today to train warriors how to succeed in
    combat. Maybe not so much on how to swing a crosse like a war club or
    tomahawk, but in the way of tactics and forging that “brotherhood”
    mentality that makes a team or fighting force greater than the sum of
    its parts.

    I have now returned home and have recived the honor of being an
    assistant highschool coach at my alma mater. The gear is newer but the
    game is the same. I see the looks on the faces of the guys when they
    thread a difficult pass for an assist, rip a well placed shot, shut down
    a dodge, come up with a ground ball, disrupt a shot, or out hustle an
    opponent and it makes me smile. Its the little things about the game
    that make it amazing. The multi dimensions of the game create a natural
    challenge to any player that always kept me striving for more. The list
    is endless. I am 30 years old and still take my sticks everywhere. I
    even take them into my work place so I can play wall ball on break
    although this one is flat unlike my parents. Just this morning I was
    scooping up dropped green walnuts from under a tree at work and throwing
    them at a tree about 40 yards away trying to hit a certain branch. My
    fellow office workers and I were joking around and then it dawned on me,
    I used to do this with my cousins in Maryland as a kid. Lacrosse has
    come full circle for me. throwing walnuts or “crabapples” out of a stick
    is still fun. Just as I enjoyed the game at their age, the young men on
    our team enjoy it the same. Lacrosse shares many forms: on the real
    battlefield in a faraway land, in the alley of a nehborhood, on a farm
    in Maryland, or on the banks of a creek under a walnut tree. May this
    game never change.


    Cliff “Gordo” Gordon.

    Every day is a holiday, every meal is a

  11. i love the sport because its really the only sport were u have to think when you dont have the ball and when you do. Lacrosse is just one of those sports that one thing can change the whole game. I love the game because when im at practice or in a game i just have all that adrenaline buikt inside and feel like i can do anything. Lacrosse can change somebody from the goals the hits and the saves. in my eyes lacrosse is in the top 3 hardest sports ever i mean think about it who can go through running up and down a 110 yard feild for a miniumum of two hours getting beat the  shit out of with a stick then have a 80% chance of getting blown of just for the amzing feel of victtory not alotta people could do that but lacrosse when ever they have a tent or something set up somewhere sooo many fans are there and lacrosse is my life thats why i love the game

  12. I love lacrosse because it’s not just a sport any more it’s a lifestyle.  Im not talking about lax bros, Im talking about waking up early in the morning to work out and strive to be better.  Every morning I drive up to the school to shoot and work on my off hand.  Lacrosse is the one sport that allows you to connect with every lacrosse player out there no matter what level they play at.  On facebook Im friends with tons of pro laxers but in all the other major sports pros get sick of fans but not lacrosse.  You can talk and connect with the athletes after games unlike other sports.  Players also show great sportsmanship.  After some tournaments me and my friends would go hangout with kids from other teams.  I also love lacrosse because of the opportunities it presents me.  It will help me get in to college and play a collegiate sport. It involves so much imagination and creativity and doesn’t include and limits to how good you can be.  

  13. I think I could sum the game up in one word. ESCAPE.  Lacrosse for me is an escape from everything.  It’s my “music escape” as people put it.  If I’ve had a rough day and need to relax and relieve some stress, I head to the field and shoot on goal for a few hours and forget everything else.  It’s an escape from all the other sports as they can get old and boring.  Don’t get me wrong, other sports can be fun but no athletes in my eyes match to the endurance, strength, creativity, drive, and love for a sport that lacrosse players have.  I have played lacrosse since the 3rd grade and moved to North Carolina at the beginning of high school.  My high school didn’t have a team so I started a petition to get one started.  After a few months and searching for donations, I finally got a club team started.  It may not have been a sanctioned team and we may not have been the best but I couldn’t have asked for more in a team.  I’m in my third year of college now and last year I finally got a club team started there as well.  I found a professor with the same love and passion for the sport as I did and we went from there.  We didn’t play any actual games last year but to play against ourselves and to practice everyday in preparation for this year’s games was thrilling enough for me.  I’ve helped spread the game of lacrosse and will always continue to spread the game.  Even if I don’t get professional offers, I will know how I can make a difference in the game I love so much.  Lacrosse means the world to me and I speak for every player out there that uses this escape in the ways I do.

  14. I’m a slow runner.  It’s just the way it is. I’ve got these tree trunk legs that don’t move very fast, but I’m a fairly big guy who can body up a ball carrier.  As long as I can keep a guy in front of me, I’ll be OK; plus I have good stick skills so I can clear the ball and fire off a pretty hard shot if I get the chance.  I play with other guys who are lighting quick but pretty small, they have good stick skills and are great players.  Most other guys fall in between on the size and speed level, but if they have good stick skills, they are good players.  See the common thread?  That’s what I love the most about lacrosse; if you take the time to develop the skills to play this game you will have a great time playing lacrosse no matter what physical gifts God gave you.    

  15. Lacrosse is not just a game.  Its an attitude and a part of my life.  I say its an attitude because all lacrosse players share the same feelings and views when they run into a fellow lacrosse player during everyday life.  We are filled with excitement to find out where this new guy plays and are totally down to have him come play with our group of pals.  I have experienced this in multiple states from complete strangers.  Its a part of my life because lacrosse is the only constant that will be with me throughout my life even when I am too broken to continue playing it myself.  It is an honor to play this game that so captivates and entices me I play wall ball and go shooting during the few hours of free time I have during grad school.  It is cause I love it so much.  I could never say that about any other activity, sport, or hobby I have ever taken part of.  Lacrosse is a way of Life bros!  Live it!!!

  16. Without Lacrosse I would’ve never been able to represent the country that my entire family came from.  So because of lacrosse I have been able to represent my family and their country on some of the biggest stages for the sport.  So I would say I love lacrosse because it has helped me connect with my past.

  17. Like Razic said, there really is no single reason I love lacrosse. I love all aspects of the game from playing it, coaching it, managing it to watching it.
    The bonds you make with teammates and coaches that last a lifetime while putting yourself on the line for the team is where it all begins for a lacrosse player. Creating those friendships and experiencing some of the most fun, intense, agonizing, incredible games and practices with those players and coaches makes playing the sport worthwhile. But it’s not only playing the sport but also then sitting in the bleachers or at home watching college and pro games tops off any great weekend. I always look forward to the start of summer because, next to the great weather and lax playing I participate in, I can sit down and watch the greatest lacrosse players in the world duke it out.

    But I believe the most fulfillment I have gotten from lacrosse is in its growth. I played lacrosse very unofficially at a university in the midwest that had no idea what lacrosse was. Although some of my fellow classmates knew and even played the game, there were no resources to make it happen on our campus. My generous parents help start the movement by pulling down the goal I had in my front yard back home and shipped it up my to dorm room where I got the games going. Semesters and years later I was able to take a club team from my school with uniforms and all  into league play. Although the skill level on our team and winning percentage wasn’t high, it was all about the enjoyment of playing the game. In this process I helped many guys open a new part of their lives by handing them a lacrosse stick. Seeing them grow to love the game and be enthusiastic about teaching it to others as well made my whole lacrosse career worthwhile. And that is why I love lacrosse.

  18. There are many reasons why I love the game of lacrosse. The first is the fact that anyone can play, and anyone can be good. (this is true for EVERYONE, and I mean everyone.  My friends brother has no hands or feet, and is quite good at lacrosse anyway.  It is amazing to watch him play.)  While natural ability helps, it is not essential in lacrosse, and is not enough either. To be good at lacrosse, one has to work (hit the wall!).  

    The next reason is the complexity. There is never a dull moment in lacrosse. No breaks, like in football. High scoring, unlike soccer. And faster than baseball could ever be. Every player on the field gets to play defense and offense. Defense/goalies must clear, attackmen must ride, and of course, it is the middies basic purpose to do both. There are an infinite amount of kinds of checks, passes, and shots,  with many more to be invented. 

    The third reason is the way individuality coexists with teamwork. You get the benefits of having teammates (friendship, security, etc) and the added fun of individuality. Everyone passes, checks, saves, and faces off differently. As a result, everyones stick is different, which brings me to my next point. 

    The fourth reason is the culture. I’m not talking about the “bro” thing, which is fun to joke about, but just isn’t true for all lacrosse players. Lacrosse provides a way to meet new people, and gives many a sense of identity. I find my self scanning crowds for someone wearing a lacrosse t-shirt, shorts, or even socks. I often even engage these people in conversation. We always have something to talk about, whether it’s how we like our pockets, our team(s), or the new gloves coming out. 

    Lastly, I love the game for the opportunities it provides. Whether it’s going to college, getting a job, or simply having fun, lacrosse can get you there. 


  19. This year my family and I moved to Carlisle PA.This spring was my first year playing lacrosse on a team, my father, Col. Peter B. Edmonds, deployed to Iraq shortly before my season started. I frequently play soccer and basketball on teams. I have held a lacrosse stick in my hand since I could.  I know your probably thinking this kid is just selling the deployment factor and yes, the deployment had a toll on my motivation. I even skipped the first three preseason workouts. When i finally decided to start going, it was tough. I had a few moments during practices when i wanted to walk off the field. The morning before the first game i woke up early, got to the field and before the line up we pulled in tight, people passed around eye black, and then we got really hype and had a great chant. When we lined up locked eyes with the other team a huge amount of energy hit me. Five minutes in i had a little           
    quickstick across the middle the defender lasered me as i shot, the ball went in and when four teammates i barely new came over picked me up and were basically screaming in my face i felt something really special. In the last 2 minutes of the game the other team pulled ahead by 1 we had on more chance and a middy on our team lasered a rip right at the goalie, he saved it. Then we shook up the other team and we circled up took a knee around the coaches and he said to day boys we played as more than a team we played as brothers…we are brothers. With that we walked of the field heads held high. The rest of the season i really picked up and got so devoted to lacrosse. This sport changed who i am. for the better, that is why I love this wonderful game.

  20. Motivation is one way to sum it up. When I was a freshman in highschool I had never heard of lacrosse, I had zero clue of it’s existence. But then my best friend one day told me he had a lacrosse game to go to I was so intrigued about what it was that I tagged along. Watching my first lacrosse game opened my eyes. At that point it my life I was really doing nothing, though I was just a freshman in high school, I wasn’t in any clubs, I didn’t play any sports; I just did nothing. But finally there was a turning point in this measly story. I bought my first lacrosse stick from there it was crazy. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t one of these kids who sat in the backyard for hours upon hours playing wall ball till I turned into this monster of a lacrosse player overnight. To be honest I sucked my first season of lacrosse I was a Defensive-Midfielder A.K.A. “We have no where to put this kid.” But that’s when it really hit me I didn’t want to be the kid who didn’t get any playing time and was totally okay with that. No screw that.
    Lacrosse was in someway the best motivation I’ve had in my life. Over the next year or so it really straightened out my life. It kept me entirely in line with school, I was getting alot more muscular it was great, or at least it seemed that way.
    At this point I was one of two FOGO’s on the team, and I realized I wasn’t one last year but the other guy had been a starting FOGO last year as well and was ranked the number one fogo in our state. I had to work hard if I wanted to play, through that summer and fall before my senior year I played on two teams and two other leagues to try to become better than this kid. I worked every single day perfecting my face off ability. And finally it payed off I was splitting time with the this kid who was the best of the best.
    Sadly that year we lost in the semi-finals to a team that I guess was just motivated more than we were.

    Basically what I’m trying to get at here is lacrosse changed my life and I love it. It inspires me, it motivates, it aggravates, it raises my curiosity. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to play lacrosse because it’s the only thing I need.
    It wasn’t meant to be some awe-inspiring underdog story, I’m just some kid who loves to play and that’s all I want.

  21. I have been playing lacrosse since I was in seventh grade. I am now playing my third season in division 3 NCAA and I never thought I would be playing this long. I was part of the team that started the team in my school district and it has brought so much to my life that I know I would not have if it weren’t for this sport.
    I have always been really quiet and reserved and lacrosse offers me an outlet to this. I started playing as a goalie and have been a goalie ever since; every time I step in between the pipes it is almost like I am a different person. I gain this confidence in myself and my team that I never realized I could possess. I go from being the most quiet person on the team, to one of the loudest who leads the defense. This feeling of focus and drive is amazing. I feel stronger and I know what I can do and I know my team has my back. It gives me a sense of community and I love every single member on the team. It is one of the sports that every kind of person can partake in and the little differences in people creates an experience that makes every practice, game and team bonding experience special. I never feel out of place or hidden in the crowd like I do sometimes. 

    I would like to say that lacrosse is my escape and that it is what I do to release, but it’s not. It’s more than that. Lacrosse is where I come in to my own. I realize my abilities and my potential. I can be confident and play to my full potential. The amazing thing is, is that it transcends the lacrosse border and helps me in school, work and life. The support that I can get from my teammates, coaches, fans, and of course my parents has made the biggest difference in my life and I would NEVER give up the opportunities and  lacrosse has given me. Lacrosse has given me so much that I want to always be involved, as a player, as a fan, and hopefully as a coach.