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Native American lacrosse player NYC
For the Love of the Game!

Editor’s Note: Muamer Razic tells us why he loves the game of lacrosse.  Then he asks you to tell US why you love the game.  If you do a good job, there may be a super awesome grab bag of swag in it for you!  We’re talking brand new head great swag levels here.  Read through and get to conversating!


On a LONG trip to Florida (of course I was rocking my LAS Summer swag), I started thinking about why I love the game so much. And then it dawned on me; there’s no single reason why I love the game of lacrosse.

Everything about our sport, and what it has to offer, intrigues me and makes me love it more and more. Whether it’s how easy it can be for almost anyone to be able to talk to, and learn from, some of the best players in our game, or simply how much fun one can have on that lacrosse field, it interests me.  It really does.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for a practice, a game, or laxing with a few friends, you know that you’ll have fun because you love the sport (hopefully).  I mean, you can’t compete with that.

Native American lacrosse player NYC

For the Love of the Game!

Photo courtesy of, where they have a great blog on Love the Game.

I love sports, and am not trying to hate on any other sports, but I don’t think that any other sport can compare with lacrosse. I mean it’s the fastest growing game in the world and it continues to evolve. The gear is getting more high-tech, the players are getting better, and more companies/people are taking notice of that, and are getting involved in the growth of the game.

When I was on the beach in Florida I was teaching a friend of mine how to play lacrosse and I could see everyone watching us and even heard some people talking about lacrosse and what we were doing. Needless to say, I loved it!  But, that is not all that happened!!!

These two kids from Scotland were staying at the same resort, and they saw me carrying around my lacrosse stuff.  So, they started asking me about it and after hearing just about everything lacrosse (when I start talking about lacrosse it’s hard for me to stop!) they said they wished they could play lacrosse in Scotland.  Maybe I planted a seed!  Not only that, but I went to Universal Studios and saw a kid wearing a lacrosse shirt there.   Sometimes it’s the big things, sometimes it’s the little things.

It’s these little things that make me love the game more and more. Don’t get me wrong, playing the game is amazing, but if I couldn’t help Grow the Game, then it wouldn’t be the same.


I want to know why YOU love the game. Everyone has different reasons why they play/why they love it, so let’s hear yours!

(Editor‘s Note: Since this is SUCH a great question, and we really do want to hear what you have to say about WHY you Love the Game and want to see it grow, we’re going to give away a custom LAS Grab Bag. We don’t know what’s in the bag yet… it all depends on the number and quality of comments and conversation we get going. The better that is, the better the PRIZES will be. If it’s really good I can guarantee there will be a free head, some shorts, socks and a shooter! So get to it!)

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  • There are many reasons why I love the game of lacrosse. The first is the fact that anyone can play, and anyone can be good. (this is true for EVERYONE, and I mean everyone.  My friends brother has no hands or feet, and is quite good at lacrosse anyway.  It is amazing to watch him play.)  While natural ability helps, it is not essential in lacrosse, and is not enough either. To be good at lacrosse, one has to work (hit the wall!).  

    The next reason is the complexity. There is never a dull moment in lacrosse. No breaks, like in football. High scoring, unlike soccer. And faster than baseball could ever be. Every player on the field gets to play defense and offense. Defense/goalies must clear, attackmen must ride, and of course, it is the middies basic purpose to do both. There are an infinite amount of kinds of checks, passes, and shots,  with many more to be invented. 

    The third reason is the way individuality coexists with teamwork. You get the benefits of having teammates (friendship, security, etc) and the added fun of individuality. Everyone passes, checks, saves, and faces off differently. As a result, everyones stick is different, which brings me to my next point. 

    The fourth reason is the culture. I’m not talking about the “bro” thing, which is fun to joke about, but just isn’t true for all lacrosse players. Lacrosse provides a way to meet new people, and gives many a sense of identity. I find my self scanning crowds for someone wearing a lacrosse t-shirt, shorts, or even socks. I often even engage these people in conversation. We always have something to talk about, whether it’s how we like our pockets, our team(s), or the new gloves coming out. 

    Lastly, I love the game for the opportunities it provides. Whether it’s going to college, getting a job, or simply having fun, lacrosse can get you there. 


  • This year my family and I moved to Carlisle PA.This spring was my first year playing lacrosse on a team, my father, Col. Peter B. Edmonds, deployed to Iraq shortly before my season started. I frequently play soccer and basketball on teams. I have held a lacrosse stick in my hand since I could.  I know your probably thinking this kid is just selling the deployment factor and yes, the deployment had a toll on my motivation. I even skipped the first three preseason workouts. When i finally decided to start going, it was tough. I had a few moments during practices when i wanted to walk off the field. The morning before the first game i woke up early, got to the field and before the line up we pulled in tight, people passed around eye black, and then we got really hype and had a great chant. When we lined up locked eyes with the other team a huge amount of energy hit me. Five minutes in i had a little           
    quickstick across the middle the defender lasered me as i shot, the ball went in and when four teammates i barely new came over picked me up and were basically screaming in my face i felt something really special. In the last 2 minutes of the game the other team pulled ahead by 1 we had on more chance and a middy on our team lasered a rip right at the goalie, he saved it. Then we shook up the other team and we circled up took a knee around the coaches and he said to day boys we played as more than a team we played as brothers…we are brothers. With that we walked of the field heads held high. The rest of the season i really picked up and got so devoted to lacrosse. This sport changed who i am. for the better, that is why I love this wonderful game.

  • Motivation is one way to sum it up. When I was a freshman in highschool I had never heard of lacrosse, I had zero clue of it’s existence. But then my best friend one day told me he had a lacrosse game to go to I was so intrigued about what it was that I tagged along. Watching my first lacrosse game opened my eyes. At that point it my life I was really doing nothing, though I was just a freshman in high school, I wasn’t in any clubs, I didn’t play any sports; I just did nothing. But finally there was a turning point in this measly story. I bought my first lacrosse stick from there it was crazy. Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t one of these kids who sat in the backyard for hours upon hours playing wall ball till I turned into this monster of a lacrosse player overnight. To be honest I sucked my first season of lacrosse I was a Defensive-Midfielder A.K.A. “We have no where to put this kid.” But that’s when it really hit me I didn’t want to be the kid who didn’t get any playing time and was totally okay with that. No screw that.
    Lacrosse was in someway the best motivation I’ve had in my life. Over the next year or so it really straightened out my life. It kept me entirely in line with school, I was getting alot more muscular it was great, or at least it seemed that way.
    At this point I was one of two FOGO’s on the team, and I realized I wasn’t one last year but the other guy had been a starting FOGO last year as well and was ranked the number one fogo in our state. I had to work hard if I wanted to play, through that summer and fall before my senior year I played on two teams and two other leagues to try to become better than this kid. I worked every single day perfecting my face off ability. And finally it payed off I was splitting time with the this kid who was the best of the best.
    Sadly that year we lost in the semi-finals to a team that I guess was just motivated more than we were.

    Basically what I’m trying to get at here is lacrosse changed my life and I love it. It inspires me, it motivates, it aggravates, it raises my curiosity. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to play lacrosse because it’s the only thing I need.
    It wasn’t meant to be some awe-inspiring underdog story, I’m just some kid who loves to play and that’s all I want.

  • I have been playing lacrosse since I was in seventh grade. I am now playing my third season in division 3 NCAA and I never thought I would be playing this long. I was part of the team that started the team in my school district and it has brought so much to my life that I know I would not have if it weren’t for this sport.
    I have always been really quiet and reserved and lacrosse offers me an outlet to this. I started playing as a goalie and have been a goalie ever since; every time I step in between the pipes it is almost like I am a different person. I gain this confidence in myself and my team that I never realized I could possess. I go from being the most quiet person on the team, to one of the loudest who leads the defense. This feeling of focus and drive is amazing. I feel stronger and I know what I can do and I know my team has my back. It gives me a sense of community and I love every single member on the team. It is one of the sports that every kind of person can partake in and the little differences in people creates an experience that makes every practice, game and team bonding experience special. I never feel out of place or hidden in the crowd like I do sometimes. 

    I would like to say that lacrosse is my escape and that it is what I do to release, but it’s not. It’s more than that. Lacrosse is where I come in to my own. I realize my abilities and my potential. I can be confident and play to my full potential. The amazing thing is, is that it transcends the lacrosse border and helps me in school, work and life. The support that I can get from my teammates, coaches, fans, and of course my parents has made the biggest difference in my life and I would NEVER give up the opportunities and  lacrosse has given me. Lacrosse has given me so much that I want to always be involved, as a player, as a fan, and hopefully as a coach.

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