LXM PRO Interview: Sean Morris


The LXM PRO interview series continues with Sean Morris. A 2x All-American and Tewarraton Finalist at UMass, Sean currently plays for the Boston Blazers in addition to the LXM tour. Check out what he thinks about field vs. indoor and the growth of the game below.

LAS: What was your most memorable game at UMass?

Sean Morris: Playing for the NCAA Championship for UMass’ first ever appearance.

What’s tougher, pro field lacrosse or pro indoor?

Sean Morris: Indoor because the transition is so difficult for an offensive player, and the field skill sets do not easily transfer over when it comes to Offense.

Morris taking charge for UMass.

In your opinion what is the #1 overlooked skill of players who are trying to get better? What do they forget to focus on?

Sean Morris: Passing. So many kids string there sticks to shoot harder when in a game they may take 3 shots, but pass the ball 20 times.

Lax Bro or Blue Collar lacrosse, which does more for the sport? Why?

Sean Morris: Fortunately, the sport has enough room for both. I am a Blue Collar kid that will never rock flow or some ridiculous outfit, but there is a style element which I get that you see in other sports that have a lifestyle culture.

Are you excited for the LXM tour? What made you decide to join?

Sean Morris: I am very anxious to get out to my first event in Philly August 28th. The ability to push the sport in a new way was very enticing and it did not hurt to have my summer off to rest after a long indoor season.

The face of the Boston Blazers.

While current growth is high, what do you think is holding lacrosse back from becoming mainstream?

Sean Morris: I have always said I am 10 years too early and I feel 5-6 years from now the sport will be mainstream. The kids that are growing up in these youth programs will finally become true fans of the game throughout the country and not just the usual hotbeds. It will be a difficult climb to get into the top 5 sports, but it is something everyone is focused to do which is very exciting.

Working with STX, do you have input on the product designs?

Sean Morris: Helping design products year in and year out at STX is a great perk to the job. As a player and salesman, I can see both sides of the lacrosse world and try to steer our product in the right direction. We make the best lacrosse product on the market and we need to continue to push the sport from a manufacturing side.

Sean’s STX poster

What else is on your plate in the near future?

Sean Morris: A vacation in October overseas, not sure where just yet, but I know it will not be in North America.

What’s your favorite non-lacrosse related activity?

Sean Morris: I love boating and playing golf. My goal is to break 70 by the end of the summer, so I have my work cut out for me.

What’s the one thing you wish you could do every day?

Sean Morris: Teleport because my life is spent in a car and airports.

Thanks for the interview Sean!

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