Man-O’-War: A Vessel Designed And Outfitted For Battle


Editor’s note: Dylan Sheridan, assistant coach at Lebanon Valley College, talks about his mindset going into the inaugural season for the Flying Dutchmen.

When I was at the Claremont Colleges, I had the good fortune to help in the development of our college’s lacrosse program. My teammates and I took the responsibility seriously. From the team’s colors to the mascot, we had control over every last detail. Out of a collective vision, tradition was born. It was a special experience, unique to the MCLA, and something I will always cherish. It inspired me to pursue a career in coaching, perhaps in an attempt to recapture those feelings.

I’ve been a Bear, a Pioneer, a Stag, a Coug, a Falcon, a Gael, and now a Flying Dutchmen.

Just having a good mascot helps. Finding a way to identify with “who you are” can galvanize a program. The key to the “buy in” is good leadership and believing in the vision. The bridge from nothing to something is built with a good plan and a willingness to follow.

That said, the 2010 (inaugural) version of the LVC Flying Dutchmen resembles a dinghy. Responsive. Small but strong. Helmed by a guy saltier than Davey Jones. It’s going to take every bit of his expertise to navigate the treacherous waters of a 15 game NCAA schedule. While the crew struggles to find their sea legs, Calypso is doing her best to sabotage our maiden voyage.

Construction of a Frigate is underway.

(We’ve been getting cozy in the field house. Changing things up, dose of reality, shock the body…These are the practices you remember.)

Fortunately, the tools we need to aid our navigation arrive on Saturday in the form of a scrimmage with some guys in different uniforms.

About the author: A 3-time MCLA All-American and Offensive Player of the Year at Claremont McKenna, Dylan Sheridan is currently assistant coach of the Lebanon Valley College men’s lacrosse team. LVC is in its first year as a DIII program and is led by legendary head coach John Haus. Prior to moving to LVC, Dylan coached DI women’s lacrosse as an assistant at St. Mary’s College in CA.

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