Maverik Music Monday: Hosted by Peet Poillon


Editor’s note: Ready for the second Music Monday post sponsored by Maverik Lacrosse? Over the next few weeks we’ll be checking in with Maverik’s athletes to get their take on good music. Pre-game, post-game or just a few tracks to relax to, stay tuned for solid music recommendations from some of the world’s best lacrosse players!

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Get ready music loving laxers – we’ve got DJ Peet Poillon in the house today!

We’ve asked Maverik’s Peet Poillon to play us a few of his favorite songs for pre-game, post-game and relaxing. Check out his choices + his explanations, and recommend a song to Peet in the comments section below!


Jay-Z – “First Song

I like to listen to this song pregame before I go out because it has a good beat and can get anybody ready to go out and perform like they still have to prove themselves.  Everytime I play I try to play like I am trying to reprove what I can do and that can be powerful.

Wiz Khalifa – “This Plane

Wiz is a Pittsburgh guy, and this song just gets anybody pumped up.  It’s relaxing with a good beat, and can get anybody focused.  I like to visualize before games and this song helps me visualize exactly what is going to happen on the field.


Michael Jackson – “Billie Jean

We used to listen to this tune after wins at UMBC in the locker room.  Gets you ready to go for the post game festivities.  I think it was a tradition set fourth by some of the guys that had graduated.  A team mate Jordan Pierce had a mean MJ dance.

Kanye West – “Touch the Sky

Fun tune after a big win.  Again gets me ready to go after the game.  Obviously really tired but ready to have some fun, this song gets the team juiced up.


MGMT – “Electric Feel

This is a good song for just relaxing and trying to get a few things done.  It is relaxing and just a fun beat.  I enjoy listening to this on the way to airport or on the plane.

Ground Up – “Nice to Meet You


Lighter song by a group out of Philadelphia.  Good tune, this group finds some cool beats in all of their songs.  Kind of poppy I enjoy listening to it.

The Strokes – “You only live once”

This a good song, pretty light.  I like a lot of the strokes songs.  It is an upbeat song with a rockish feel to it.

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As a bonus… we’ve added the Greatest, least well known MGMT song simply because it’s THAT awesome.


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