MCLA D2 Glove Designs

Custom Lacrosse Glove Designs

Since everyone else on the LAX Network wants to give some glove love to the NCAA guys and the MCLA D1 guys, I thought my MCLA D2 brethren needed a look at some gloves they could/should be going with this year. I tried my best to stay with the team’s existing equipment supplier.


Briarcliffe STX lacrosse glove mockup


Charlotte STX lacrosse glove mockup

Fort Lewis

Fort Lewis Warrior lacrosse glove mockup

Hope College

Hope College STX lacrosse glove mockup

John Carroll

John Carroll Maverik lacrosse glove mockup

Missouri State

Missouri State Maverik lacrosse glove mockup


Pacific Lutheran

Pacific Lutheran Brine lacrosse glove mockup

St. John’s

St. John's Warrior lacrosse glove mockup

UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Clara STX lacrosse glove mockup

St. Thomas

St. Thomas STX lacrosse glove mockup

I may or may not have a mock-up for every team in D2. Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, it’s almost time for more schedule previews!  Expect those to start hitting the site sometime next week!


  1. UC Santa Cruz, to the best of my knowledge, goes more Black&Yellow, instead of keeping with the rest of the UC system in going blue and yellow (UCSB, UCLA, UCIrvine, UC Berkeley/Cal). Perhaps 412 can pull together some mock ups. But great job on what you have.