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MCLA Lacrosse Gallery: Best Of The West 2010

See?  Undershirts are easy and look awesome.  So simple. Get on it coaches.
See? Undershirts are easy and look awesome. So simple. Get on it coaches.

A few weeks back Victoria Harris of sent us an MCLA Lacrosse gallery of some AWESOME photos from a recent fall event out in Las Vegas, the Best of the West.  Victoria is based out of Utah and she certainly takes some excellent action shots.  She travelled to Vegas to take pictures of the BYU Men’s Lacrosse team but also took a BUNCH of great shots featuring a good number of the other teams that were there.

If you want Victoria to shoot your game, then reach out to her through All American Shots.  If you want to see some sweet MCLA fall lacrosse action in toasty Lax Vegas, then keep reading!

There were numerous sleeve monster sightings.  Buying matching undershirts and forcing your team to wear them is a simple step towards being taken seriously.  Matching cleats, gloves, arm pads and more come down the road, but uniform undershirts are a simple must.

UPDATED: This advice comes from the heart.  I remember my first scrimmage in college against NY Tech on a 40 degree day in later February and I went no sleeves.  I’ve made the mistake myself and I’m only looking out for your best interests.  Take it from a recovering sleeve monster addict.  Say Yes to Sleeves.

Cal Poly Lacrosse Best of the West

Someone send these guys some matching T-shirts!

LMU UC Davis Best of the West Lacrosse

This isn't summer high school ball. Wear an undershirt.

BYU Arizona Best of the West Lacrosse

See? Undershirts are easy and look awesome. So simple. Get on it coaches.

This guy believes in undershirts.  So should you.  The man, the myth, the Mickey-Miles Legend.

Mickey-Miles Fenton Best of the West Lacrosse

He's all smiles. Why? Because of LAX!!!

Here are a couple solid action shots to whet your appetite for the full gallery:

BYU Best of the West Lacrosse

Not an action shot... I actually just want one of those hats.

BYU ARIZONA fall ball lacrosse scrimmage

All greys vs flashy snazz. Everyone wins.

BYU Cal Poly Best of the West Lacrosse

I wonder what happened next? No, he didn't get sleeves.

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  • I’m a big fan of the site. You guys do great work, but I’m starting to get a tad annoyed with the constant critiquing of players appearance. As a player for one of the teams at tourrament, I’m always trying to look my best and have some solid “flow.” But with that being said, I would of much rather preferred to win the tournament and gone “no sleeve monster”, than looked good and not have won the tournament. Personal appearance can only get you so far in lacroose. Your actual ability to play the game will get you a hell of lot further.

  • sorry cal poly doesnt have sponsors or money like byu or chapman. we pay for our own stuff and do our best to look good. pretty unbelievable that this is an actual article. it is fall ball man. dont you worry, our undershirts will look clean as shit during the season… see you in denver.

  • It does have to be realized that the MCLA is a club status, its lucky some of these squads, at least in previous years, have had enough money to supply adequate and appropriate gear for their players. That being said 805 does it a tad differently then 412

  • everything you say is true… but since this is fall ball (and wins really only matter in the spring), I try to have a bit of fun with it. I know its Vegas, hot, etc. but I’m also a fan of sleeves. Just a little harmless ribbing… hope you guys can continue to take it!

  • the point of the post was the photos… the sleeve commentary? just for jokes. If I didn’t have little chicken arms, I probably wouldn’t wear sleeves either. Chalk it up to me being a hater if you’d like… OR, send us an undershirt for the spring and I’ll wear it with pride (as you guys should… there I go again!). And I would actually LOVE to see Cal Poly do well in Denver this year… best of luck!

  • You guys have this all wrong. Seriously.




    And that’s perfectly okay.

  • […] Speaking of the second greatest Justin Timberlake song ever (the first obviously being the incomparable “What Goes Around…Comes Around”), it has come to our attention that a few humans didn’t enjoy being told they needed to wear shirts with sleeves while competing in fall ball scrimmages in a recent article by @ConnorWilsonLAS. […]

  • Hell of a job! You may be crowned Fall Ball Champions of the World! Make sure to let everyone know this before spring, when you know, it actually matters.

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