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UPDATED: Michigan Lacrosse Unofficially Moving To NCAA Division 1 In 2013

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The University of Michigan will be creating a Division 1 Men’s NCAA Lacrosse team.  The school will also be adding a women’s program.  At least that’s what we took from the’s recent report, which is linked to below.  Maybe it just means that Michigan will be financially supporting the men’s lacrosse team fully but that it will remain in the MCLA.  It’s possible that this isn’t even true and we need to temper our expectations.  Perhaps the programs’ recent MCLA dominance has warped our view on what we consider newsworthy.

There have been rumors floating around for years that this would happen, but similar things were heard about the FSU program a couple of years ago too and nothing ever came of it.  Now that the insinuation is supposedly coming from the Michigan AD, the news seems that much more real and we’re more willing to run with it.  Division 1 NCAA Michigan Lacrosse.  It’s finally becoming a reality, we think.

Replace BYU with Penn State in 2013! Big Moves. photo via


Michigan Will Add Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse in 2013 |

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  • why would it be premature? this is HUGE for the MCLA and growth at the D1 level (which has been suffering the last few years). I think this is BIG news…and seeing that they’ve won 3 titles in a row, I think it’s safe to say they can compete at the highest level.

  • he may mean the posting is a bit premature. That is somewhat fair because an official announcement has not yet been made. But big time sports schools should know that any time they make an announcement (even to a group of alums) word will get out.
    We’re just passing the info along to all of you!!

  • riddell is not making helmets come 2011…Michigan may eventually rock Easton Helmets…which owns Riddell or at least as some deep relation

  • in one of the videos that the michigan player makes on youtube has coach paul playing in the alumni game with a cascade wolverine helmet. i thought one of you LAS guys would be all over that.

  • still not buying it… until JP confirms it, I’m not believing the chatter. It could take 10 years for this to go through.

  • Its great for Michigan but not for all those laxers who will be dropped once the D1 talent comes in. I know they are are a great MCLA team but a huge portion of those kids will be gone once they make the switch

  • 2013 is two seasons away though. They will recruit D1 kids in the meantime, and they will definitely go there. The chance to play (the first 2 years even as a Jr and Sr) of varsity D1 lax at UM is a big pull, I believe. Kids already on the team exist in a very competitive atmosphere already. They are the 3-time defending champs after all. I have no doubt there are already kids at UM who would LOVE to play but aren’t quite good enough.

  • yep, right now they would be, let them recruit with the lure of actual varsity and they will hang with the D1 teams. They aren’t going to D1 to lose games, this is Michigan after all. Big Blue.

  • they would beat 2/3 of the MAAC right now.
    and all of the independents save, of course hopkins.

    regardless, if/when they go NCAA D1 “right now” will have very little bearing on what will come.

  • “They will recruit D1 kids in the meantime, and they will definitely go there. The chance to play (the first 2 years even as a Jr and Sr) of varsity D1 lax at UM is a big pull, I believe.”
    I have been saying the same thing for a long time. The East Coast elitist laxers will rue the day that Michigan goes D1. The Wolverines won’t screw around and they will use everything in their power to get the best recruits. They have a strong reputation in every sport and will do whatever it takes to quickly establish themselves as a major player.
    Further, they will open the doors for other powerhouse schools like FSU, Texas, USC, etc. Schools with better resources than most of the current lax schools. These guys know how to recruit and can sell reputation, prestige, academic diversity, and great weather to potential players. I am a firm believer that warm February practices in Austin with state of the art everything can probably trump “tradition” for many laxers. Especially those in newer areas.

  • What’s your point? At first they will certainly lose more games then they are used to. I bet everyone at Michigan understands that. But the potential to build a nationally competitive D1 team is pretty obvious at Michigan.

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