MLL All-Stars Announced For Denver 2009


In 2005 and 2006 the MLL went with the “Young Guns” vs “Old School” approach to their All-Star game.  In 2007 and 2008, the league reverted back to the standard East vs. West methodolgy.  In 2009, they have again made the switch to the YGs vs the OSers and the game will be played at Denver’s Invesco Field on July 16th, a Thursday. 

The cut off line is 2006 in that if you graduated in that year or any year before, you are an Old Schooler.  If you graduated in the last 3 years, you’re still a young gun.  The fact that the cut off line is only 3 years removed from college will tell you just how young the MLL has gotten.  Sure, there are still guys like Goettleman, Gagliardi and Urick who are all at least of the age where they could be Masters players at tourneys like Vail but the majority of the league is decidedly pretty young. 

Rabil looks to get the YGs going from the midfieldThe Young Guns have a solid group of players with speed and lots of natural ability as well as a couple of really pure shooters.  Greer, Huntley and Thomson can really finish well while Nims, Westervelt, Danowski and Rabil can all create for themselves or dish the rock.  the youth of the YGs midfield could be their weak point or their strong point depending on how the game shakes out and it will be interesting to see who shines.  I get the feeling that Seibald will be a huge part of the game as the kid can flat out fly between the lines.  Smith will be big at the FO square although he will have to beat Anthony Kelly of the OSers.  The YGs Defense is pretty solid with some position guys, some physical guys and a guy with some mean takeaway checks in Sid Smith.  Both Schwartzman and Queener can have big days when they’re hot.  JS playing in front of the Denver home crowd could be impressive.

The Old School attack only has 4 players on it but between Boyle and Leveille, the creativity and leadership is clearly there.  Both Mundorf and Ford can finish and will draw the attention of the YGs all game.  If the YGs lose either of these guys for even a second, expect goals to follow.  Even with all the talent on attack, the OS midfield is really where their talent lies.  Striebel, Langtry, Harrison, Fiore, Ward, Walters and Berger reads like a who’s who of MLL lax.  All 7 of these guys can create, shoot and know the game like the back of their gloves.  The Merrill AND Polanco? Together? Uh-oh, attackmen!combination of these players with Boyle and Leveille will result in some insane goals.  The D for the OSers doesn’t pale in comparison either as both Canada and the US’s top Dmen are featured on the OS team in Brodie Merrill and Nicky Polanco, respectively.  Throw Kyle Sweeney in there along with Zink and Driscoll and you’ve got a pretty solid set of poles.  Maybe even the best the world has ever seen.  Levin and Gable are the goalies for the OS squad but are overshadowed easily by the talent on the rest of the team.

I like the Old Schoolers to take down the Young Guns early and hold on for the win.  The experience will be too much for the YGs to handle early [even though many are accomplished players in their own right] and then the YGs will storm back as age catches up with some of the Old Schoolers even though the youngest OSers are only 26!  Either way, we can guarantee a high scoring affair… after all we are talking about the MLL here.