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Most Read Posts Of April


Editor’s note: Every post has it’s shining moment. From a couple of tweets to thousands of page views, this is the best of the best when it comes to April lax showers.  Feed your head!

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Here ye, here ye! We give you the 10 Most Read Posts of April on the LAX Network.

This is can’t miss content, and that means you better have read every single one!

1. Michigan Going D1 in Lacrosse Has Bigger Implications by Connor Wilson | READ IT

2. The MLL, A Player’s League? by Ryan Powell | READ IT

3. The Honest Truth About Zone Defense by Connor Wilson | READ IT

4. Buffalo Twitter Heat by Coach Tumbas | READ IT

5. The Best Stick Fake Ever & A Great Bull Dodge Or Two by Connor Wilson | READ IT

6. The Raptor Helmet by Easton Lacrosse by Sweet Sweet Lax | READ IT

7. Villanova…Why? by Coach Tumbas | READ IT

8. Chrome, Chrome, Chrome Goalie Heads by Coach Tumbas | READ IT

9. Chiang Mai Quick Report: Thailand Assault Arm Guards by TLA Staff | READ IT

10. Practice Helmets?! by Krieg Shaw | READ IT

And now, on to May – a special month with big things in store for the lacrosse community. Big things.  If you don’t know what big things we’re talking about… just keep reading the site.  You’ll get it!

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