Mr. BS Report Podcast From Lake Tahoe

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Take a seat and listen to Mr. BS (Craven), Striding Man (Brunelle), and Rusty (Gaudet) re-cap some of the action from the Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.  Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How the Woozles fared in Tahoe
  • Eyeblack techniques
  • Dealing with funky lax laundry
  • “No hangover” energy drinks
  • Striding Man’s elusive change-up shot with a d-pole
  • New lax movie “Warrior” vs. American Pie

No time to listen now? Download the podcast and take it with you!

Songs excerpts used: Robert Earl Keen “The Road Goes On Forever” and The Felice Brothers “Whiskey In My Whiskey


  1. – Long winded questions and comments tend to be my specialty, especially after a certain Fernandez brother spikes my soda.

    – 15-minute power cleans work like magic, except when your bag full of laundry gets thrown into the dumpster too.

    – I cannot find the Bebo drink website for the life of me. David Ogle, can you send us a case?

    Tahoe was a fantastic time. Highly recommended. Oh, and always remember: you gotta look good to play good.