Music Monday: Best Postgame Celebration Song


Judging from the response of last week’s Music Monday, we figured it was only proper to continue the trend and offer up another killer giveaway. We’re opening up the floor to ALL LAS READERS again on this one – this is your chance to be the DJ!

We’re asking you one simple question, which you can answer in the comments section below. When answering the question, make sure to include a link to your song from YouTube or another website so other readers can click and listen to it.

Today’s Music Monday question is…

What’s your favorite song to celebrate a win to?

IMPORTANT: If you listen to a song that someone shares and you enjoy it, be sure to hit the Like button on the comment in which the song was shared. The comment with the most Likes will receive a free LAS WOOD SHAFT by Blue Magic Lax!

If you’re like us, you love winning. You love it so much it makes you want to sing!… Or at least listen to your favorite celebration song. Whether it’s Queen or the ridiculously talented Rebecca Black, we won’t judge. Share your song below and if you’re feeling extra lucky, tell us why it’s your favorite too!

Lax All Stars Wood Shaft
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The winner will be announced Tuesday on the LAS Facebook Page.

But wait… there’s more!

This isn’t your only chance to win something from today…

Keep an eye out for the Adrenaline Performance of the Week post, state your case on which team or player (HS, college, pro) was the top performer of the week, and you could win a free pair of GREY Adrenaline Rasta Socks – an LAS Exclusive item!


Interested in hosting next week’s Music Monday? Drop us a line!