Kurtis Blow Basketball

Music Monday: Bieber Talks Lacrosse & Kurtis Blow Loves Basketball

1 - Published November 28, 2011 by in Lifestyle

Everyone was talking about Justin Bieber’s Letterman appearance, and his failure to name all 7 continents.  Personally, I think that was staged, but whatever.  Bieber also didn’t know what Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier than US Thanksgiving (the earlier harvest time is the answer), but let’s stay positive here, ok?  What people missed out on in all that manufactured hubbub was that Bieber knows his lax, and he knows how important it is to Canada!

Skip ahead to the 6:00 minute mark to see the Biebs nail the “Canada’s National Sport” question!  Thanks to Zoe G-B for the find!

As an added bonus, we have a classic Kurtis Blow track celebrating the wonders of basketball.  Since the NBA owners and players were able to come to an agreement, we’ll honor their sport today as well.  Even if it’s a little soft.  We all know Dr. Naismith was a lacrosse coach in Springfield, MA when he invented basketball to give his lacrosse players an off-season training tool, right?  Good.  Mac Miller needs to do a song about lacrosse.  For the people.

Kurtis Blow Basketball

The give and go IS sweet, Kurtis.

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