Music Monday: BTVII


Earlier this year, we introduced you to my favorite band, Blitzen Trapper, in ‘The Nemo Edition’ of Music Monday. Well last night I had the privilege of catching the Oregon-born band in concert for the second time here in Boston. Sure enough, they remain my favorite live show not because I’m a biased fan but because they are truly impressive – every member plays multiple instruments, sings, solos, and has their own interesting character that is revealed during the show, in between songs, and after their last encore as they come off stage to mingle with fans, sign autographs, and talk about fishing the Metolius River (in my case). I saw Blitzen Trapper playing their seventh live show in as many days, which is fitting because TODAY they released their seventh album, appropriately titled VII. Lead singer and songwriter Eric Earley wrote this of the roots of their music and the new album:

“The pac-northwest is a place of synthesis, a backwater for slag and leftovers, culturally speaking, and VII like this, like all my records it’s a synthesis of a whole mess of things. Our music, lovingly called ‘Rocky Mountain Whoop-ass’, a term itself coined by close associates to refer to what we play though our particular mountains are a more volcanic spur of the Rockies and so more solitary, brings together the strut, the twist, the headbang and the hillbilly tap…” -Eric Earley

With today’s Music Monday, I am giving you a sampler of the new album, which I feel reflects their live performance style by including more jam sections and guitar solos than past records. Make sure to go purchase the record if you like these tracks and check out the rest of Blitzen Trapper’s discography.

“Feel The Chill”

“Drive On Up”

“Ever Loved Once”

And just because this song, though old, is killer in concert:

BONUS: “Big Black Bird (Live at SXSW)”