Music Monday: Childish Gambino’s New Album

Childish Gambino Camp

Many Lacrosse All Stars readers out there are fans of Childish Gambino, so for today’s Music Monday we thought it was necessary to share a few links and videos about his newest album, ‘Camp‘. This is Gabino’s first full-length album to hit, and the buzz is going strong as fans prepare for its release tomorrow, November 15th.

For a full review and exclusive listen to the album in its entirety, look no further than NPR Music’s “First Listen.”

If you listen to Camp on a computer, do yourself a favor and open up Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary in separate tabs. Childish Gambino’s lyrics are so dense with analogies and comedic references that you’ll need those reference guides to decode some of his verses. – KWASI ANSU, NPR Music

So far, most signs point to this album being a phenomenal debut for the young comedian (aka Troy in Community) turned rapper. However, the anticipation of a new album isn’t complete without some doubters like Leor Galil of who says Gambino won’t be taken seriously. Meanwhile, Childish Gambino – who mixes in standup performances in-between songs at his concerts – has a better take on his own style:

All-in-all, after blasting the new album here at LAS HQ, it seems as though ‘Camp’ is worth every bit of the press its been getting. Gambino provides a refreshing kind of rap music that people of all ages are flocking to, mostly due to the fact that the guy behind the music is so absurdly original. It’s not everyday you run into a jack of all trades like Donald Glover.

Purchase links:

– iTunes

– Amazon

WARNING: Album contains explicit language.

Childish Gambino Camp