Music Monday: Connor’s Current Jams

The music or the money
Oh, word?

Music Monday on is an ever-changing enigma shrouded in darkness and wrapped in bacon.  Sometimes we hit the poppiest of pop, sometimes we go completely obscure (but related!), and sometimes we have conversations about whether or not music and internet content should be free, which has now become a very hot topic thanks to SOPA and PIPA.  Love those girls!  Bad joke?  Probably.

But today we forget all of that for a moment and check out Connor’s top 4 songs of the moment.  This is what @ConnorWilsonLAS listens to.  At least right now…

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros simply blows his mind.  How could it not:

Deadmau5. Duh.

Ready to work out? Now you are.

Just a great, haunting track.