Music Monday: Keith’s Radio Show

Keith's Radio Show

Music Monday with Radio Zarape is back and this week we get mellow with Keith from Keith’s Radio Show.

Got twang? Keith’s Radio Show does.

Here is some more info on this week’s podcast:

“Rocking and Folking like never before. Keith takes you to some wonderful places this episode and brings along Son Volt, The New Pornographers, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and more.

…As you can see by the small dixieland band pictured above, hipsters are welcome, but there’s nothing ironic to see here.”

Editor’s Suggestion: Click here and open this week’s Radio Zarape in a new tab while you catch up on all the amazing coverage on the Lax Network from over the weekend.

Each Radio Zarape podcast is in collaboration with LaxAllStars and has a personality all it’s own. Catch up on the past episodes to see what you missed:

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