Music Monday: Labor Day Tunes And Trivia!


It’s the first Monday of September, and that means it’s Labor Day! Many people get the day off, as it is a federal holiday, and the long weekend is often looked on as the last hurrah of Summer. We’ll start off with some trivia (answers at the bottom) and then get to a couple rocking “worker’s anthems”.

Labor Day Trivia:

Be honest and don’t use Google or Wikipedia, and see how well you truly know this federal day of vacation. You get a day off every year because of this… knowing the basics about the holiday’s history seems like a great place to start!

1) Which state was the first to recognize Labor Day?

2) When did Labor Day become a federal holiday?

3) How many states recognized the holiday when it became a federal holiday?

4) What historic labor event is credited with sparking the federal recognition of the holiday?

5) Who was President when Labor Day became a federal holiday?

Labor Day Musical Selections:

You need a strong foundation.

Yeah, that’s the way you do it.

Ah, Boston.

We can make it work. Indeed.

Trivia Answers:

1) Oregon 2) 1894 3) thirty 4) The Pullman Strike 5) Grover Cleveland

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