Music Monday: Lorne And The WayHighs Debut Performance!

The Sun Keeps Burning Lorne Wayhighs

Lorne Smith is a modern lacrosse legend, but these days he’s also a blooming musical star!  Smith’s band, Lorne and the Wayhighs, has been making waves now for a while, and a smaller set of people is already in the know.  But we get the feeling these guys are about to blow up!

On April 7th, Lorne and the Wayhights will open for Tracorum at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco.  This will be the band’s first live show!  There will be an interactive light show put on by the people at Verdict Photography, and it promises to be a musical event worth checking out!  Here’s a little more info on both bands:

TRACORUM | rock n soul cosmic gospel thunder funk

Tracorum is an original Rock n Soul/Rhythm n Blues band from San Francisco, California. Epic live shows and original music are at the heart of this soul quenching, eclectic bay area talent. Steeped in traditional roots music the band has continued to create a positively unique sound that is the vast umbrella known as Tracorum.  They shared the stage with great acts such as Robert Randolph Family Band, Bill Kreutzmann 7 Walkers, DIrty Dozen Brass Band, Mickey Hart Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Umphrees Mcgee, Trombone Shorty, Ivan Neville Dumpstafunk, ALO and many others with recent notable performances at 2011 High Sierra Music Festival.

LORNE & THE WAYHIGHS  | big beat dance rock jams

The Wayhighs is the creation of former Groovesmith, Front Porch, and Guns for San Sebastian guitarist LORNE SMITH, who recruited friends from the SF jam rock scene to get together when touring schedules permit for recording sessions and shows.   It’s a sound that began in the Fells Point blues bars of Lorne’s hometown Baltimore. It was shaped in San Francisco on the stages of The Independent, Great American Music Hall, Bimbo’s, Slim’s, Cafe Du Nord, and the Boom Boom Room. It grew up on Ocean Beach, around a campfire, and by the river.  Now Lorne’s big beat dance rock jams soar to new heights in the hands of the Wayhighs.

That Tracorum description alone makes me want to check them out.  You just know you can get down and boogie to this.  We love big beat dance rock jams!  If only we lived in San Francisco!

The Sun Keeps Burning Lorne Wayhighs

Photo credit: Lorne and the Wayhighs website