Music Monday: Mumford & Sons


Music Monday is back for 2013! This year we will be sampling music from all sorts of people, including some of the best music wizards we know – guys who seem to be behind every great playlist we end up rocking out to. To start things out though, I’ll drop a few tunes that have been stuck on repeat around the office lately. Enjoy!

Back in college, when I wasn’t playing lacrosse, I enjoyed spending free time digging around for good music. When I came across Mumford & Sons, I was immediately hooked. Their debut American album, Sign No More (originally recorded as part of their EP Love Your Ground) was glorious and was the perfect combination of folk music and bluegrass.  I’ll bet you I listened to it in its entirety several dozen times through.

When they released Babel, I could hardly contain my excitement and to the chagrin of anyone riding in my car, probably listened to that album twice as much as I did Sigh No More.

Seeing Mumford & Sons in concert has definitely become something I would love to do before I die, no doubt about it. Until next week!

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