Music Monday: Not So College Rap

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Today we’re checking in with two well-known “college rap” rappers that have been maturing over the last couple years… and moving away from the party rap scene into their own deeper genres. I’ve been a fan of Mac Miller and Sammy Adams since my college days (when “Knock Knock” by Miller and “I Hate College” by Adams were huge) but it has been very interesting to see their growth in the music industry. In this post, I’m giving you the before and after treatment in case you didn’t know these two in their early years. Enjoy! [Warning: some explicit lyrics in the videos below]

Sammy Adams

THEN: “I Hate College (Remix)”

NOW: “I Wish”

One thing Sammy has always impressed me with is his ability to rap with so much melody. He shows that skill on both tracks, but you can see a real difference from his first big party track to his newest, more sentimental single “I Wish.” Although most of his popular tracks have been party anthems (and good ones at that), look for more of these less-hyped, chill tracks between the bangers. I’m liking what I’m hearing so far.

Mac Miller

THEN: “Knock Knock”

NOW: “I Am Who Am (Killin Time)”

I think it’s safe to say that Mac Miller has changed the most over the span of just a few years. Listening to his mix tapes/albums in succession is actually quite a journey if you start with K.I.D.S.(the mixtape from which “Knock Knock” comes) and Best Day Ever, then go to Blue Slide Park and finally Watching Movies With The Sound Off. He’s gotten more and more experimental and unique with his style of music – even trying his hand at jazz with his alter ego Larry Lovestein. On his older albums, Mac has always had a sentimental side, but it is the new influences and sounds that he is playing with that have made his early career so interesting to follow.

BONUS: “Youforia (Live from the Space Migration)”