Music Monday: Oh, Canada


In honor of Canada beating the United States in lacrosse, 11-9, during the Duel in Denver on Saturday September 8, 2012, we’ll be showcasing some of the best music Canada has to offer. No, there won’t be any Avril Levigne, but there might be some Justin Bieber. It’s not our fault, blame Canada.

First up is the national anthem, O Canada, a truly majestic song. Both the Canadian and US anthems at the Duel in Denver were absolutely fantastic and I wish we had footage of them. Oh well, you’ll just have to settle for Mark Donnelly.

Speaking of long-haired Canadian music legends… did you know Neil Young is Canadian? Yup, straight out of Winnipeg!

Maybe you’re not a Winnipeg kind of person. Perhaps Montreal is more your speed… if that’s the case you know Arcade Fire is also from Canada!

To not include Tom Sawyer by Rush would be a national affront. It’s the stuff of legends!

Wait, what’s wrong with American Women?

No Bieber music… but the kid knows his lacrosse, so we’ll add him in here. Did ok on the trivia front… and nailed the lacrosse question (at the 6:10 mark).

Now of course there are a ton of other Canadian bands and performers out there, and many are extremely talented, but just remember, none of them are named Drake.