Music Monday: Reader’s Choice

music monday time

Editor’s note:  Each week we’ll be posting special Music Mondays by readers, for all the LAS world to see!  All you have to do is follow the rules laid out in the first  Music Monday post (click on the link for rules!), email your answers in to, and then wait to see if YOUR list is chosen! We start off with a quick introductory Music Monday Madlib, and then get right to the tunes!

So check out Nick’s picks, and then SEND YOURS IN TO and include Music Monday in the subject line!

Hey there! My name is Nick Weinberg and I would describe my musical tastes as varied. I love lacrosse more than everything, but music is also one of my major interests because I love concerts. If I weren’t a laxer/student, I’d probably be sad. Neither my parents nor the bank can keep me away from Chipotle. Check out my high schooler Music Monday, and bow before my greatness!

Favorite Song Ever: Young, Wild, and Free – Wiz Khalifa

Best Pre-Game Song: Beast Mode – B.O.B.

Best Post-Game Song: Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza – Mac Miller

Favorite NEW Song Most People Haven’t Heard Yet: Look At Me Now (cover) – Karmin

Other: Whatever You Like (cover) – Anya Marina… Just a solid cover that’s a nice chill song

music monday time
It IS Music Monday time!!!!

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