Music Monday: Slap The Bolsa Bass


If you’re looking for a last minute, top of the line present this year, and the target of your thoughtful gifting loves music, then you should definitely check out the Bolsa Bass by Critter and Guittari. Basically, it’s a bass machine, and after playing around with it a little bit last weekend, I’m now fully obsessed.

Even I, the musically awkward one, was able to make attractive sounds with this little pink device. It allows you to build a bass loop, and then put bass over it, OR you can hook it up to other musical machines and make even more complex audio art. Overall, it’s a very cool bass generator, it’s only about 12″ long, and it comes in bright pink! Oh, and all the buttons aren’t made to look like wood, they are wood. Quality!

And as an added bonus, Chris Kucinski, one of the founders of Critter & Guitari, played lacrosse in high school. See? Now you really need to pick one of these things up to help support a former lacrosse player!