Music Monday Special: Kyle Harrison Top 5



Last week, MLL All-Star Kyle Harrison tweeted about receiving some good new music. After reading that and not being able to find ‘Triplin’s Traxx’, we knew we had to see if Kyle Harrison would do a special Music Monday post. We posed a few questions to him and asked if he’d share his top 5 current tunes. The following are his answers and what he’s listening to right now.

How big is your music collection?

Kyle Harrison: My music collection is pretty big I guess. Like I said, I get at the very least 100 new songs a month from my boy (Triplin’s Traxx), and I’ve got a pretty wide range of music I’m into as well so I make a good amount of purchases too.

What types of music do you listen to?

Kyle Harrison: As far as what types, I’m ALL OVER THE PLACE! If you catch me during the summer/season (MLL), I’m usually more into hip hop and getting fired up and having swagger and all that good stuff. But I’m just as into other types of music as well. The only type of music I can’t stand is country…ain’t happening.

If you could be a music artist for a day, who would you want to be? Why?

Kyle Harrison: That question is tough man! It depends on my mood on any specific day. I think right now it’d be cool to be Drake as this cat is KILLING the game and hasn’t even put out an album yet! Also, Kanye is a clear favorite because of his crossover into the fashion industry and all of the other projects he’s involved in. Jay-Z would be another one I’d love to switch places with for a day.


Kyle Harrison: TOP 5



Twista feat. Kanye West – Alright


Lil Scrappy feat. Ludacris – Addicted to Money (Remix)


Fabolous feat. Drake – Throw It In The Bag (Remix)


Chris Brown – She Do It On Me


Billy Blue feat. Akon – Story of My Life


Special thanks to KH for sending his picks. To see what Kyle Harrison is up to on a daily basis, check out his blog or follow him Twitter. Oh yeah, he throws done a pretty good dunk too…