Music Monday: Subway Music



What is Subway Music?  It’s music people tape on their phones in NYC subway system.  It’s pretty much everywhere, and some of it is actually pretty good.  The guy with the ukelele at the Lorimer stop? Not so much… lots of yell singing.  But there are others who rock, and some of them play the ukelele too.  So it’s not all bad.

No, this first one isn’t music, and yes, this is happening on a moving train.  Unreal.

This chick busts out uke, sings a bit, almost raps, and the guy on the bongos plays along seamlessly.  Do these people really not know each other?

Honestly, I never get tired of these guys…

This dude can drum with the best of ’em!

This guy just has an awesome voice, and will jam out wherever: